Apr 20

“But choosing a lesser evil at the expense of a greater one is merely an exercise in good judgment. It does nothing to change the nature of what is chosen, and when a nation no longer fears, first and foremost, the pangs of abject misery, it may be said that greed has largely served its social purpose. An affluent people might fairly turn their attention to the ugly behavior greed encourages and to the social and political perils of extreme inequality. They may have good reason, in short, to restrain the Invisible Hand.”

“>$30,000 in student loan debt to obtain Bachelors in Computer Science
>first job: $9/hr doing web development
>second job: $10/hr doing data entry

My parents told me to go to school so I could get a good job. I still don’t make enough to live on my own and I’m in debt. I feel like I was scammed. I don’t see much difference between universities and Nigerian email scammers except for the fact that universities are far more successful. Most companies also fail to understand what “entry level” means. Every job I’ve applied to that was advertised as entry level turned me down for not having at least 2-3 years experience. That was despite my Github showing I had put in my own free time to develop applications. Things are looking pretty bad. I have some emergency money stashed away. That money is reserved for buying a gun and ammunition should I ever wish to take my own life. My parents are sustaining me, so that’s not necessary right now, but I see it as a real possibility in the future.”

“Dead Space. Free. Origin.

If you haven’t played I highly suggest you get it.”

“>Installing origin

Why not pirating it instead?”
“At what point are they going to pay people to install origin?”
“Do marketers work Sundays as well?

They don’t even respect the day of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”
“How about I pirate it? That way I also have it for free but I won’t need any additional spyware.”
I’d rather pirate, there’s no thrill in directly installing virus in your computer”

“>marketing a FREE game


“He’s marketing the service. Why do you think they made the game free in the first place?”
“>It doesnt cost ANY money.
>not free”
“>I’ll give you a free game if you suck my cock
>b-b-but it’s free ! it don’t cost money !”
“Free means no money.”
“No, it means no payment.
By your logic, going to work is getting “free money”.”

“Fuck all of you. I am trying to be a nice guy and give you guys a free game to play. I doubt any of you even play games in the first place.”
“>still calling it free
>wanting to push Origin on people instead of telling them to pirate it

You aren’t fooling anyone.”
“Are you retarded? Free games aren’t exactly a rare commodity what with piracy and all.”
“And piracy is better than Origin.
>faster download
>no bloatware install just to play a game
>faster game launch (no need to launch and wait for origin to load and log in)
>wont send your personal info to a giant company
>wont install spyware and rootkits on your system (hopefully)
>play offline
>can get rips so you don’t need to have 3 gb of extra install space for useless cutscenes and music.
>install on any system you want.”
“oh also
>install any version you want
>any dlc is also free”

“don’t respond to the shills anon.”
“As ridden with newfags as we are we have the moral duty to teach these little retards to not plug their fingers in the electric outlet, otherwise we’ll end seeing 6 active pewdiepie threads at all time And we already have one a day”

“The golden question: Is this going to help me get hired? If the answer is no, drop it. If the answer is “maybe”, find out a way to turn it into a “Hell yeah!””


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