Apr 9-17

“Why do people think Samus was originally designed as a female empowerment model?

Do they also think Mario was created to promote Italian culture?”

“Let’s retroactively create social agendas for each character in Smash Bros.

Let’s start with Donkey.”

“>Over the years Samus went from appealing to American sensibilities of a badass take no shit attitude woman to the Japanese sensibilities of an anime Mary sue waifubait with daddy issues.

I take it you’re not a true Metroid fan, since you’d know that Samus was always portrayed radically different in Japan compared to what material of her we got here. Numerous manga, 4koma, and one-shots portrayed her as a normal, and somewhat plucky girl in an otherwise pretty bleak world.

The American ‘sensibilities’ of a strong-independent-butch-dyke-emotionless-badass were always just a Western interpretation of Samus and in no way the ‘canon’ version.

The whole ‘MUH ALIENS AND FEMINISM’ garbage is a result of a cultural misunderstanding of western ideals of female empowerment and eastern ideals of it.”

“She never was. She was designed to be a dude in a souped-up space suit that SURPRISE!!! was actually an homage/rip-off of Sigourney Weaver’s character of Ripley from Alien. Nintendo kept that theme for Metroid II & III/Super due to lack of imagination.

She was never an empowered female, she was just a reason to have a SURPRISE!!! YOU’RE PLAYING A GIRL!!!1! character/game with a legitimate excuse to show her off in her underwear at the end of the game (see: Alien).

Just don’t bother trying to explain that to a feminazi. They like to see Empowerment and Subjugation EVERYFUCKINGWHERE.

“Oh NOO! _MY_ Samus wouldn’t EVER debase herself by wearing High Heels like some FILTHY MALE SEX FANTASY BIMBO! Those Dirty JAPS are _ruining_ MY Samus!” they say.

Yes, they say this.

And if you EVER hear some inarticulate, ill-informed, and quite-often hairy/smelly (since bathing & basic hygiene are THE MAN KEEPING US WOMEN-HEAR-US-ROAR-BIATCH!!! tools) feminazi say something like this?

Kindly show this this in-picture from Metroid on the NES and ask them: “What did you think the High Jump Boots were, anyway?”

Laugh as they froth at the mouth with the knowledge that their empowerment archetype the adopted as their own was ALWAYS in High Heeled Boots.””

“>mfw they removed free use of rope arrows because it “interfered with their narrative structure”

You know, if you want to make a linear corridor game, you might as well just say it.”

“Every MMO these days has every player character be the same Champion of Generic Kingdom, Slayer of Generic Boss Monster, Lord of Generic Castle, which not only kills the immersion but also is just hand holdy as fuck.

In games like SWG and Ultima Online, you write your own goddamn story. Everyone’s was different.

>start playing Ultima Online
>make a mage
>start murdering and griefing people
>camp one specific, popular spot in one specific, popular dungeon, nightly, for nearly a year
>become known as “that asshole”
>join the servers top PK and grief guild
>become known as “those assholes”
>do this for over a year
>get bored
>make a thief
>make a thieves player guild with a bunch of bros, one of whom griefed the game so hard he got a phone call from Richard Garriote himself
>some other plebs make a thieves guild
>we adapt a “code of honor” for out thieves guild
>we run them out of business
>shake down every vendor on our server for protection money every week
>those who dont pay handsomely are griefed, murdered, looted, and their customer base stolen from and killed
>we run every major hub on the server
>we eventually control the server
>become cemented as one of the biggest badasses in UO history with my bros

Fuck your GW2 kiddie bullshit SLAYER OF YSOMIR shit. Stop being casuals and actually make something of yourselves.”

“Yeah it’s fucking stupid.

In SWG, you could honestly say things like “I am the best armorsmith on the server, everyone is dying to buy my wares.”

In every MMO that comes out nowdays?
“I have slain the Dragon of Ysdlothslmir!”
“Oh sweet, I just did too bro!”
“Yeah, me too!”
And that’s it. No community, no actual achievements, just shit everyone else does.”

“Drives me nuts to hear those that say this is a celebration of murder. Maybe some feel that way, but speaking for those like me these are still marvels of engineering, Don’t take these for granted flight is still an amazing achievement and these aircraft regardless of nationality have personality and a beauty about them. Shame nations have forgotten this and fight while we should be preparing for aliens or something.”

“Left is very confusing and will get most gamers lost. Linear is not only better, it is mandatory if the game is to be enjoyed.”
“Gamedesign student, please go.”
“To be enjoyed by who?”

“They made a product based completely on being safe for investors.

A short cinematic first person action game based on a fairly well known brand.”

“Marketability. Who cares about a few thousand core fans after all when there’s a Cawadoody audience to chase.”

“>women can wear whatever they want!!
>>but this completely fictional character can not wear whatever she wants.”

“What You Can Do to End Bile and Hatred in Games Culture”
“What can we do to end thin-skinned whiny little pussies in gaming?”

“This proves that if pros play fixed patterns, they do so because it fits their plan, while we do so because we believe that anything else is ridiculous.”

“As much as you guys won’t believe this, these DLC packs actually aren’t by the Publisher’s or Developer’s decision alone. Some retailers, namely Gamestop, will refuse to stock physical copies of a game if the Pub/Dev don’t comply with demands.

While they vary on a case to case basis, they have a tendency to demand exclusive DLC to incentivize purchasing the game from them and them alone. Now, other vendors don’t want to be shafted either, they will in turn refuse to stock, if they don’t get THEIR OWN DLC for THEIR OWN version of the game.

See: >>239456317

This is common industry practice, especially with open world titles, as they have an abundance of content available and it’s very easy to comply with retailer demands.

Also I’d like to say, I don’t support this at all, I’m simply explaining why this exists, and what it is, so this isn’t attacked for the wrong reasons. It’s a fucking terrible practice, but attacking it for the wrong reasons will make a lot of people immediately disregard your opinion, as stupid as that is.”

“>hype builds people up
>game comes out
>wow this game is kind of shit
>publishers already made their money from day 1 sales
>game will be forgotten about and another AAA title will be hyped up
>repeat forever until we all die”

“Does anyone know how much money was put into marketing this game as opposed to how much it cost to make it?”
“It’s probably 7:3 or 6:4, much like a lot of other games nwoadays. Devs don’t have to make quality games to be succesful anymore, if the marketing budget is high enough then it will sell like hotcakes on day 1 and any backlash doesn’t matter. See
Bioshock Infinite
Any Call of Duty after 4
As a matter of fact, 90% of supposed ‘triple-A’ games. Fuck this industry.”

“>make RPG
>only talk about graphics

I bet it will be a great game just like all Bioware games in recent times”

“>all these retards calling this shit ‘bribing’

Not sure if mentally challenged board or simply Ubisoft hating… or both?”
“Would you prefer ‘bartering’ for scores instead?”

“>implying objectification is a problem
>implying it doesn’t happen to everyone, every day
>implying men aren’t usually portrayed as psychos or cannon fodder
SJW are only ones complaining about, though.”

“Man, I want to move into a cabin deep into the woods of Norway until all of this Big Bang Theory fad shit stops and people stop thinking that they’re nerds because they watch a sitcom about nerds. That’d be like me watching Scrubs and thinking I’m a fucking doctor for watching Scrubs.”

“Crowdfunding seems to encourage terrible work ethic in game developers.”
“As opposed to the traditional publisher model which has been working so wonderfully.”

“>The biodrones that where defending ME3 are now defending SC over on /vg/

its essentially the same “all dissent is trolling” crowd”

“I used to jerk off to DOA but now I’m not 12.”
“So you turned into a cock sucking faggot when you turned 13 ?”

“ITT: people confusing feminists with extremist tumblr feminazis,”
“There’s barely ever any difference. Same shit.”

“>Oh cool a new GITS game
>”Online” Oh…..”

“Well, CleverNoobs, I went home. And now I’m back.”

 “It’s fucking sad, but there’s too many shit going wrong in the vidya industry as a whole

>cut content for DLCs
>On-fucking-Disc DLCs
>console/preorder/store exclusives
>Origins, Uplays and other forced bullshit
>40$ demos
>blatant rehashes (FIFAs, NBAs, Maddens, etc)
>lying trailers (Bioshock Infinite, Aliens CM, Dark Souls 2 etc)
>”we want a wider audience”
>”we don’t want the original fans” (why, Nosgoth, why?)
>smartphone features
>”if you hate our shitty game, you’re homophobic”
>films instead of games

There is no hope”


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