APR 7-8

“When girls REALLY reject something, they do so with much colder eyes and virtually no expression on their faces.”

“Why the hell do I have to help YOU grow as a person?”

“I don’t know how it looks on the whole. Being a scrub, I’ve got my hands full with my own responsibilities.”

“They say the character for “human” represents people supporting one another, but one side’s just leaning on the other. Implicit approval of victimizing someone. That’s the actual concept behind this character, and that’s why I believe it’s a perfect fit for this cultural festival and this cultural festival committee.”
“What do you mean by “victimizing”?”
“I’m totally a victim here. I’m being made to do a retarded amount of work. Actually, I’m being made to do others’ work for them. Was this what our chairman meant when she said “everyone cooperates”? I’ve never actually cooperated with anyone so I’m not too sure.”

“I said “I’m working”, but I’m just a scrub getting sent on errands.”

“What does someone who’s lost their standing want the most? That’s simple. They want someone to find them where they’re standing.”

“Yeah, you really are the worst. In the end, you only wanted to be pampered didn’t you? You’re doing all this because you want people to pay attention to you. Even right now, you only want people to say they need you. It’s painfully obvious that a person of your caliber would never get the respect a proper chairman would. In truth, you wanted to be like Yukinoshita. You wanted to become someone people acknowledged, counted on, and relied upon. That’s why you instantly clung to the title of chairman. At the same time, you wanted to confirm your superiority by judging someone and looking down on them. Those are the true colors of the “growth” you sought. Everyone’s probably noticed by now, considering I figured it out, and I don’t even know you.”

“It’s amazing how you can rattle off those authentic-sounding terms one after another. I guess it’s HOW you say things that’s important.”

“Effort will never betray you. Though it may betray your dreams.”

“Was that what you call a conversation? It looked more like you were trying to force your own opinions on someone else.”

“Playing king of the hill and feigning superiority is all well and good, but please, try to keep it in your scent-marked territory. The act comes off just as easily as your makeup.”

“Who do you mean by “everyone”? Like when you whine to your mom, “Everyone else has one!” That “everyone”? Who’s that?”

“Yukinoshita-san, was it? Sorry, but I can’t hold back.”
“No need to worry. I’ll hold back for you. I’ll smash your cheap pride to bits.”

“I may spew insults and gaffes, but never have i spewed a lie.”

“Tobe’s got a bad look to him, but in truth, he’s the best at managing the mood. He’s also very proactive during events. A nice guy.”
“A frivolous idiot who can only be noisy, yes? …What’s wrong? Continue.”
“Yamato’s calm and a good listener. He’s a chill guy who makes everyone around him relax, I guess? He’s a nice guy.”
“So he’s slow and indecisive, huh?”
“Ooka’s very friendly and considerate. He’s always helping people out. He’s a ni-”
“An opportunist who’s always worrying about what others think, then.”

“Do I have to spell it out for you? If the only thing you can do is breathe in air and spit it out, then even some random AC unit is better than you.”

[“Do you like curry?”]
“When you talk to a loner, make sure to do it in secret. You need to show maximum consideration so that they don’t get humiliated in public.”
[“I’m not really interested in curry.”]
“Good answer. If you answer favorably, the people around you will think you’re getting full of yourself. And if you give a curt reply, they’ll wonder who the hell you think you are and think you’re full of yourself. A tactical retreat is your only option in this situation.”

“Cold? She’s just condescending. She got what she deserved for looking down on people. Just like a certain someone we know.”
“That’s just your persecution complex at play. You know you’re inferior, which is why you feel when you’re being looked down upon.”

“When a person is truly scared, they don’t think about anyone else. They strive to live even if that means everyone else has to die.”

“You can’t run away” is just how the strong think. It’s impossible for it to always be the individual’s fault. Plenty of times, it’s society, the world, your surroundings, or someone else that’s mistaken. By saying that “you can change yourself”, you’re conforming to that trashy, indifferent, and cold world. You’re admitting you lost to it and become its slave. You’re only dressing it up in pretty words and deceiving everyone, including yourself. “

“I hate women who think all they have to do is cry above all else.”

“One small misstep and this could’ve turned into a huge problem.”
“I’m sorry.”
“I’m not criticizing you. On the contrary, I think you did very well in such a short timeframe.”
“I picked the worst possible method though.”
“Yeah. It’s ridiculously how terrible you are.”
“Why are you judging me as a person? Weren’t we talking about the method here?”
“Just coming up with that method shows how terrible you are. That said, maybe it’s because of that, that you can approach those who’ve fallen to the depths of hell. That kind of nature’s extremely valuable.”

“Unpopular guys have a bad habit of looking for meaning in mere coincidences or simple phenomenon.”

“It’s my policy not to dwell on the past. If I did, my life would be a sea of pitch black gloom. Like seriously.”


“Why is this allowed again mods? You ban people who post up real stories about how SJW’s are influencing gaming but you let leddit click pushers stay? How much are the jews paying you again?”

“most likely a fuckload of shekels, /v/ in general has gone to shit ever since the overmoderating of it back acouple years ago.

Unlike /pol/ or other less restrictive boards, /v/ mods and janitors are all cringeworthy powertripping betafags.”

“It’s the usual shillfag modus operandi. Their counterarguments are as follows:

1. You didn’t even play the game!
2. Lol what are you a poorfag
3. /v/ just hates everything, stop being a /v/ drone

Disclaimer: the phrase “/v/ drone” was actually used by several Blizzard marketers recently.”

“Oh btw here is a link to EA admitting it pushs marketing tactics on /v/ and reddit boards alike.

enjoy kids :^)

>What’s more is that when he reveals a former forum name, posters instantly recognize him as a guy who had been defending Mass Effect 3, Star Wars The Old Republic and Origin for several months, even using Origin to hand out free games during a brief marketing campaign, meaning he’s either legit or one of the most dedicated trolls ever.

>Anyways, EA actually spent more than $747 million on marketing last year. That’s close to $1 billion marketing stuff by paying people to troll; advertising; press events, etc., etc. Can you believe that? consumers are footing bills for marketing campaigns that are just shy of $1 billion. Just imagine how many games could have been made with that money?

its real, fuck the mods.”

“There are two reasons why we have the AAA shitfest we do now:

1. Gaming has gotten incredibly mainstream and every corporate vulture wants to make money from it.

2. Development budgets have increased exponentially, meaning everyone who funds gamedev is very risk averse. This leads to CoD and WoW clones out the ass.

The only reason the pre-2000s period seems so magical is because the budgets weren’t crazy, gaming was still (arguably) a niche hobby, and people weren’t chasing ‘lightning in a bottle’ games like CoD/WoW/etc.”

“MMOs are the ultimate proof that shareholders and publishers should never ever have any say in the creation and development of games.
MMOs cost a fortune to make, and so the shareholders and publishers make the devs recreate what’s popular to make sure the game turns a profit. They think this is the safe option.
What they don’t realize, because they don’t know fucking jackshit about the game industry, is that making the same game over and over isn’t what’s safe anymore. In fact, it’s the opposite now. Creating an MMO that tries something new and experimental is much less likely to flop than creating an MMO that does only what every other MMO before it has done.”

“It’s too abstracted. Like many modern games admitedly.

By abstracted I mean your simple presses of buttons correspond to compley action by your character.

Assassin’s Creed has the same problem. You press one or two buttons and your characters does complex combo fighting. You hold W and your character does complex parkour.

Games like that feel less like games and much more like clipshows. And you less like a gamer and more like a person just starting small clips. “


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