Apr 6

“I’d like to add that a big reason for this is also annual releases and quick profit.

I mean, before games just to be made with longevity in mind, hell some games weren’t even able to be maxed on release by more than 1% of the people.
They knew most people would have to play at medium at best on release, but they also knew that the games would last more than one or two year, and when that time has passed almost everyone would be able to at least play it on high/max. Take Doom 3/Crysis as examples, almost everyone I knew had their computers brought to their knees by the games, but a few years down the line they’re maxing them no problem. The kicker? Both of them look pretty darn good still. Even Doom 3 has it’s charm.

Nowadays? Games are designed to not last longer than it takes to make a sequel, they save features for sequels/DLC so that the game will last the players just as long as they want, then they release the next in the series and everyone goes to that instead.
They also design the games to easily be marketed, meaning that they make sure the game “looks” great when developing it, then they cut every feature they possibly can without taking away the base game, because they know it will sell because the marketing works. That’s the saddest part too, they know 80% of the population eats up marketing like candy, so of course they design their games with two things in mind.
They make sure the game needs “polishing” within a year (new title) and Marketing.”

“Pretty much this. So much of what goes into a “classic” is timing. Street Fighter 2, while a good game, was in the right place at the right time; it had very little competition, it didn’t have a bad port, and the cast was exploitable enough to translate to other media. Virtua Fighter is the exact opposite. VF3 was released on a system that (unfortunately) no one cared about, no one even remembers VF4, and VF5 was released way too early.”

“I’m fine with humiliating gaming “journalists”, but screwing over the customer with such blatant bullshit is unacceptable.

It’s also unacceptable there was such little backlash from those same “journalists” who claim to be the mouth-piece of gaming, yet berate everyone who disagrees with their flavour of the month indie game or SJW rant.”

“i have no pity for preorder consumers either.

and i remember a fair amount of coverage about the disparity in quality for ACM. they even went into detail about gearbox’s relationship with sega and the budget, etc.”

“Yes, but only AFTER release and after everyone shit the bed. Review websites should warn the consumer prior to this shit, otherwise what’s the fucking point”

“you’ve got me. I dont see the point in review sites either. its pretty obvious that most of them are just hype sites serving at the pleasure of major publishers.

there are no journalistic standards whatsoever, so why people take anything those retards have to say is beyond me. lucky for us, we live in an age where player streams are getting more and more commonplace and we don’t need to rely on official channels for information”

“Those who don’t even put in the minimum effort have no right to begrudge those with talent. Those who can’t do something can’t imagine the effort that someone who can puts in.”


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