Apr 5

“I have a love-hate relationship with statistics. On one hand I was never particularly good at math. But I was always fascinated by statistics and all the easily accessible truth they provide. I always loved Googling some figures and making people shut up.

Of course then I grew up (which is a great thing, highly recommended to everyone out there), and I realized that statistics are more truthful than just making shit up, as people are always prone to, but they’re not the whole truth. Actually statistics is what you do when you don’t know the whole truth, and you need to take the long way to infer something about the situation. The point is that as useful as statistics can be, the whole truth is obtained by actually understanding the background and the mechanism of some phenomenon. Compared to that, stats is just cheating. Reading some figures is of course much easier than taking the trouble to understand the whole picture, and so stats are prone to produce hubris in the reader.

One effect of that hubris is the pervasive belief in trends. Somebody makes a graph with a line that goes up or down more or less linearly during a given period of time, and next thing you know there are tons of ink spilled writing about it, and trillions on government budgets assigned to deal with that inevitable trend. The best example of course is Global Warming. Somebody made a graph that said that From 1920 to 1980 temperatures globally were rising. Next thing you know the British Government is actually unable to deal with menial problems common to Egyptian and Chinese Civilization 4000 years ago, like floods, unless they can officially link it to global warming. No I’m not making this up.”

“But of course nobody is interested on what’s actually driving Africans to have 7 babies per women. As nobody is interested in what’s actually driving Arabs to have on average less than 5, but never less than 2 children. As nobody really wants to know what’s the deal with the climate. All we want is data to write a book, an article, or a government memo so I can sound smart, get a promotion or make some money.

“An evolutionary setup where there is some kind of tournament for a prize, lots of competition, and many failing losers and a few winners, is a proven technique for civilization to incrementally accumulate progress. In the state of nature, the tournament for sexual access to women and natural resources made fitter and fitter human men over time […]

When the government used to offer gigantic amounts of money as prizes to private corporations competing to win the contracts to develop new technologies in young fields, that tournament was highly successful in producing innovation, at least, for a time.

One of the problems today is that the government has become obsessed with trying to do impossible things, and so it is not playing a beneficial role in the evolutionary tournament process, and we stagnate because we cannot make any progress where it is impossible, and we get poorer, because we end up throwing increasing amounts of money down an infinite hole with nothing to show for it – pure transfer payments from the wealthy to the politically favored classes.”

“Yes, government bureaus create silly statistics all the time, and fiddle with equations and names and definitions (‘food insecurity’ is the latest nonsense), and torture the numbers until they confess. But almost always this is about politically-hot-button and exploitable domestic numbers. No one in the administration can possibly care about what some bureaucrat at the agency reports about fertility numbers in Niger.

This is the paradox / irony of the bureaucratic-managerial democracy state. The fairy tale narrative is that democracy allows for multiple kinds of external auditing and supervision, and that this keeps people honest. Nope.

Most of what bureaucrats do in fashioning and implementing policy is ignored by everyone except a tiny handful of experts and interested parties – and the guys that put the numbers in the reports even more so.

In my experience, the more ignored an area is (because politically insensitive), the more professional and honest the reporting-bureaucrat and the more reliable his figures. Ideologues aren’t much attracted to areas without many ideologue-mischief-opportunities, so outside those areas you get mostly honest, efficient, and competent types just trying to do their job well. Hell, for the most obscure data, you used to see some poor GS-13′s name, email, and phone number right next to the set of numbers for which he was responsible and he’d be happy to stand by those figures and defend them rigorously to anyone who called him, which no one ever did.”

“You know a game with the entire female cast of small breasts would be hailed as ‘bold’ or ‘mature’ or ‘realistic take on women’ or something-basically they wouldn’t have any problem with it. Yet all the finely tuned, muscle bound, cool, bad ass/rich guys in fighting games is mature/realistic and perfectly fine. I think the depiction of breasts in DOA was always tongue in cheek, but hey, rallying against ‘oppression and unfair treatment of women and gays’ seem to be the newest past time -__-“

“Because any gamer with some self respect doesn’t think with his wiener, or at least those who are over the age of 12 don’t”
“>one of the major human drives
>omigosh you grow out of it you chiiiild”
“What a miserable world you live in where you can only like women if you’re under 18.”

“Because back then men had balls and acted like men, but nowadays they all act like fucking pussies and cry misogyny even harder than women do because they think that if they don’t white knight no one will ever touch them on the penis.

It’s an entire generation of pussies who get their buzz and high from drinking energy drinks and if they happen to have fun on the weekend and have yellow piss when they go into work on monday, their boss calls them in to let them know they’re not being a team player and having too much adrenalin going on.”

“Because back then it was ok for women to be exceptional. Or maybe I should say that now it sort of isn’t. You can’t bring attention to smart women because then dumb women will feel bad. You can’t bring attention to beautiful women because then less attractive women will feel bad. You can’t bring attention to successful women or you’ll make unsuccessful women feel bad.

The mistake that brought us to this point: actually listening.”

“So why are the Jews going after video games?

Can someone redpill me on video games?”

“Because it’s an interactive medium and parents very rarely review the contents of the games their children play.

Also it’s cutting into the profits of TV and Hollywood, and guess who that hurts?”

“So, video games became movies and Hollywood crap.
Face it, AAA industrie is in a very bad shape.”


Notice how almost every game is turning into one giant cinematic? Even Bioshock “10/10 GAME OF THE YEAR MOUNTAIN DEW PLAYERS CHOICE!” Infinite was a game where an NPC literally held you by the hand and dragged you from fight to fight, ending with a 30 minute combat free (read: no gameplay) tour of some docks and a logically convoluted tie up.

It’s because the Hollywood people only know how to do one thing: make movies. So games are becoming movies.

But since Bioshock got all these mad reviews dawg, now every game is doomed to be like that. Over are the days of immense sandboxes and limitless choices. From now on you’ll be told what to do and exactly when to do it, and you’ll play as a gay black man struggling to succeed in the face of white oppression and you’ll like it, bitch. And if you don’t like it, it’s because you’re a racist homophobic misogynist bigot who probably votes Republican and lives in a trailer.”

“Women see in game culture a hierarchy, and despite all the feminists bitching about it they fucking love hierarchies. Women, because they are women, never start at the bottom of said structures. How many females are homeless? How many work in coal mines? How many lay wounded on battlefields? You get my point.

So they enter game culture and like everyone else that plays games they get hit with torrents of abuse: they get called noobs, people make unsubstantiated claims about their mothers, etc. but instead of just trucking along they say one sentence that basically says everything you need to know

“BTW I’m a girl ;3”

Which is really just code for “be nicer to me,” “do things for me,” “protect me” etc.

So when that doesn’t work, they demand that the whole of game culture be reorganized to suit them and that men need to be toppled from the upper crusts of game culture. Because penis.”

 “>can we come in and talk with you

>but we need to investigate your house!
>do you have a warrant?
>well no
>but sir, if you just admit to the wrongs you’ve done we can have you arrested
>bye now”

“>being a cunt to somebody just doing their job”
“> person expects you to be retarded
sounds reasonable.”

“Same thing that always goes wrong. Molyneux syndrome.
>We’re gonna have all these amazing features that blow everything else out of the water!
>Two years later
>Well we found out that the reason no one had those amazing features is that they aren’t technically possible on current hardware.
>Here’s what we slapped together after we wasted the first 18 months of our project chasing the impossible
>Game is crap”


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