Apr 4

“Want to kill moe?
Just notify Anita about sexism in anime.”
“Its funny because most anime pass the Bechdel Test.”
“A lot of anime doesn’t pass the reverse bechdel test.”

“gaming journalism is unnecessary now

people prefer let’s plays rather than reviews

furthermore no one wants to hear a bunch of white people talk about social justice shit”

“why there arent more female protagonists?”
“it’s hard to give women a personality because they mostly don’t have any”
“Why aren’t there less of these threads?”

“>make an argument
>someone disagrees
>my argument gets “likes” and his doesn’t

this is what being a girl on social media must feel like.”

“Why is this happening? People said internet shopping, is that true? Internet shopping isn’t strong in my country because credit card is the jewishest bussiness here and everybody is poor.”
“E-commerce and the rise of big-box stores like Walmart.”
“I never visited Walmart, but it’s basically a store with everything, right?”
“Yeah, it has everything, it comes into communities with lower prices than local businesses and drives them all out of business, then hikes up the prices of their shit because now there are no alternatives.”
“Can’t you just ban them?”
“One wishes. Too many plebs would lose their pointless, fruitless jobs; lolbertarians would go apeshit (seriously, fuck them).”
“The creator of Wal-Mart found a niche and capitalized on it. Only, it was the final move, a checkmate if you will to capitalism.”
“They got replaced by strip malls”
“it’s a mall stripped to what people give a shit about: the anchor stores

because, at the end of the day, when people need to buy things that are hard to get online (clothes, bedsheets, dinner) they just want to park their car, walk in, get their shit and leave

malls are outdated because they bullshitted around too much, I’m not a fan of strip malls (or malls in general) but people’s priorities simply changed

also, the only way to keep malls nigger free was to turn them into virtual prisons. This naturally repels teens and kids.”

“America will be in a permanent depression in the future.

We’re already still in a 5+ year long Recession, and we’ve been stagnating for at least ~20 years. I’d say the chances of a Depression, or at least a Great Stagnation, is pretty possible considering that we’re in a second housing bubble and that Gens X and Y have thousands in student debt keeping them from contributing to the economy. Outsourcing and constant influxes of immigrants doesn’t help either.”

“I need a source on that claim. The recession ended a few years back.”
“only if you’re a Boomer. meanwhile everyone else is competing for table scraps against foreigners, with student debt”
“Nothing has fully recovered. Many sectors haven’t even partially recovered.”
“I’m sorry, that’s simply your bitching, not a source.”
“> it’s raining outside
> hurr I’m gonna need a source on that

“>There is always another way to anchor your money.

With what? There is literally nothing more valuable than oil. Every nation, every industry and every person is wholly dependant on it.”

“>Illiterate sand farmers and Somalis managed to do it with RPGs and AKs.
They had a dedication the american pubic will never have. These people were fighting for their homes against foreigners, can there be a nobler war than this?. A civil war is very different to that.”

“It won’t , and here’s why. They (the government, etc) know that all they need to do is keep people “slightly comfortable”. That is to say, do things people don’t like, but not all at once.

Do something people disagree with, wait a bit, let it sink in, news cycles move on, etc. Then, people forget about it, and they do something else, the cycle repeats. It’s similar to dropping a frog into a pot of boiling water, or dropping a frog into a pot of lukewarm water and slowly raising the temperature. In the latter case, it’ll just boil to death.

This is whats happening not just in the US, but globally. The governments know exactly how much they can turn that dial before people start trying to jump out of the pot. There will never be a revolution, things will just continue to get more and more unequal, until abject poverty for the majority of the people who live on the planet is the norm.

tl;dr, life is shit.”

“We’re six years into the Obama presidency and there’s still no legit scandal. Reagan had Iran-Contras, Bush I had it too. Clinton had Lewinsky. Dubya had torture, Abu Ghraib, Brownie, the U.S. attorney scandal, etc etc

How can Obama be clean as a whistle? Is it because he’s black?

>inb4 Fast & Furious
>inb4 IRS
>inb4 Benghaaaaazi
>inb4 Snowden

None of those are legit scandals and you know it faggots”

“You goddamn shill nigger, I’ve lost track of all the goddamn scandals this nigger president has had dragged up to his doorstep. The ONLY reason he hasn’t been impeached is because Democrats have the majority in the Senate and they know that the niggers would chimp the fuck out in the streets if they find out that their boi, Baraq, had gotten his ass handed to him on a platter.”


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