Apr 2

“a world where thinking ahead is unnecessary, having backup plans with prepared materials is shamed, and managing inventory is evil.

welcome to the twilight zone”

 “I think all relationships start off in a very superficial manner. As humans we’re controlled very much by our genes and hormones. For men it’s a visual thing. That’s why women upload photos that reveal their skin and show off their figures. Women tend to look at men in terms of how successful they are, what sort of job they have, and how much money they make. …I think it’s OK to use the elements to attract the opposite sex in the very beginning.”

“Why is this not prostitution?”
“Because it’s a relationship. Just because money is exchanged in a relationship doesn’t make it prosituition. My mother stayed at home and she got an allowance from my dad. Others pamper their girlfriends with gifts and shoppig and spa treatments.”

“Besides, isn’t a show “good” if you enjoy watching it? Production values might’ve been on the low side, but what does it matter if you genuinely found it entertaining and looked forward to new episodes every week? I think most of the haters either place too much value on quality animation (which is pretty damn rare nowadays anyway) or it just didn’t fit their tastes. Either way it certainly wasn’t a “bad” show.”

“True, but it brought a lot of shitposting. Calling popular shows bad is a defense mechanism.

While people who don’t like that fact call /a/ hipster, the truth is that KLK brought a torrent of shit to the board.”

“The very word tradition implies more than simple continuity – rather, tradere means transmission, handing on; or, in the Roman legal sense, handing something over for safe keeping.”

“by the time women are in their 40s, their risk conceiving a child with birth defects surpasses that of cousin incest.”

“The difference between romance and harassment is whether the woman thinks you are hot or not”


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