Apr 1

“When you have attained the Way of Strategy, there will not be one thing you cannot understand, You will see the Way in everything.”

“Don’t fight unless you absolutely must, but if you absolutely must… win.”

“From one thing, know ten thousand things.”

“There is timing in everything.”

“Only knowledge can turn life’s unbearableness into a weapon.”

“It was as s-small as this, but grew so big… it filled the world like… tremendous music. That’s the p-p-power of beauty’s eternity. It poisons us. It blocks out our lives.”
“Please, enough of your pride! Beauty is like a rotten tooth. It rubs against your tongue, hurting, insisting on its importance. Finally you go to a dentist and have it pulled. Then you look at the small bloody tooth in your hand and say, “Is that all it was?” That’s the way it is.”

“Contemplate the danger of a man who thinks only of himself.”

“Our best weapon is purity.”

“Words are a deceit, but actions are never deceitful.”

“Creating something beautiful and becoming beautiful oneself are indistinguishable.”


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