Mar 27

“We got a lot of work to do. We’re not going to be rescued by the hypercar, we’re not going to be rescued by alternative fuels. No amount or combination of alternative fuels is going to allow us to continue running what we’re running the way we’re running it.”

“One of the reigning delusions of the day is that technology and energy are the same and if you run out of one you plug in the other.”

“The idea propagated by Tom Friedman at the New York Times that the earth is flat is an erroneous idea. It is not a permanent installation of the human condition, the global economy. The global economy was a special set of transient economic relations based on special circumstances in a special time in history, namely about a century of really cheap energy and about half a century of relative peace between the great powers. And that’s how you have globalism.”

“As I go around the country, do college lectures and stuff, there’s a great clamor for “solutions”. Give us “solutions” they all say. “Give us solutions, don’t be Mr. Doom And Gloom. That glass is not half empty. We want solutions.” And what I’ve begun to realize is that’s code, even coming from the well-intentioned people, cause what they’re really saying is “Give us a way to keep on living exactly the way we’re living without changing.””

“We think that just because we can measure stuff we can control it.”

 “>people keep waving NSA around like a bloody shirt

Okay, we get it, NSA is bad. But have you ever stopped to consider how deep the rabbit hole goes? America gets more attention than most countries, but I can assure you Britain and Germany and France and Russia and pretty much every player on the world stage has their own organizations tip tapping away on the internet and gathering tasty data on whatever they can. Facebook sells information to everyone- imagine all this data being funneled into Putin’s Neo-KGB.”



You think they dont profile people who they think might be potential “threats” and give them special attention, even without them doing anything wrong?

You think that being a loner basement dwelling no gf frequenter of known “anonymous hacktivists” and pedobear website isn’t going to put you on a special fucking list of “this guy is probably going to murder people at some point, keep close watch””

“Did you know that Britain agents may have assassinated Rasputin in an effort to ‘solidify’ the Tzar’s support of the war? Or that the Lusitania, the sinking of which was a rallying cry for American’s to enter the conflict on the ally’s side, actually carried munitions for Britain to use? This information was concealed and only released in the 1960s.

Putin is a man who’s lamented that the fall of the Soviet Union was the saddest day of his life and his ex-KGB. Do you think for a single instant that he’s not investing some of his hard earned graft into a spy corps to monitor Russian dissidents?

And Europe has spied on each other since the fall of Rome. There are more spies going about their business on the mainland than the average TF2 pub.

China relies on government backed corporate espionage to keep up with its competition.

Basically, the world is full of spies spying on spies spying on spies. Nobody comments on this as long as its subtle- which the NSA has become anything but.”

 “Funny thing. Up until the aftermath of WWII, nations of the earth throughout history had despised the Jew. They’re a people who claim to be ‘God’s Chosen’ and both refuse to assimilate and accept converts. Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Spaniards, Italians, Germans, French, Brits, Arabians, Americans, and pretty much every other civilization they came in contact with despised them. The Holocaust allowed them to rehabilitate their image through tragedy.”

“Is this the birth of an epic new meme?”

“And that’s it. Thread over. Go home.

Fucking reddit ruins everything.”

“You think this is a fucking game? Remember what happened with “arrow to the knee”?”

“I never cared about Zessica and I still think it wasn’t fair all the shit they made her go through, for nothing. It’s like being fun and sexy and actively trying to please your love interest is wrong in Kawamori’s dictionary.”

“She’s nice, but the script makes this huge effort to make her look like a mean woman trying to steal away Mikono’s boyfriend, when it actually comes across as the opposite of that. Very few characters are likable or sympathetic, at all, anyways. EvenZessica gets deranged into moppy loser girl with a shitty dress needing someone to save her, as opposed to her first half self, where she was fun, teasing and ready to do shit. It’s like they tried to make her a second Mikono or something. I still felt pity for her but she was no longer the same Zessica as before, she was stripped of the things that made her fun to begin with.”

“> letting THIS lose da aqualion

What the hell is wrong with Kawamori?”

“Too attractive, not frumpy enough
Too relaxed, adventurous and drama free

The writer must have a fetish for bitches.”

“I see what you did th-BARK BARK BARK”


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