Mar 26

“>it’s just annoying when something is defined as dark by including women violence
>we should go back to only brutally killing men”

“that is exactly fucking right though. what is the alternative to having women brutally killed in games?
having men brutally killed in games. women don’t fucking care about that though they literally just want to bitch about something. it is their nature.”

“This is just “it’s only OK when I like it” bullshit.”

“>This shit is always funny to me, vagina bomb is like the least fucked up thing Kojima has done to women in his games
Not really. This pretty much takes the cake where violence against women is concerned.”

“you saying getting anally raped daily by an electric sadist, or having your child stolen from you, and having a botched c-section isn’t as bad?”

“/v/ is where all the right-wing weirdos ended up after the legit gaming sites became interested in left-wing politics.

/v/ has actually gotten MORE reactionary and right-wing over time. It’s filling up with refugees.”


“If I’m not mistaken, Oculus VR raised about $2.5 million in Kickstarter funding. I bet those investors really made out well today.”

“Kikestarter is just a breeding ground for half baked ideas which either get picked by a corporate or die trying.”

“One would expect ‘croud funding’ would work like ‘normal funding’ where you expect to make some money if what you fund does well. Kickstarter isn’t funding, it’s donation.”

“This, pretty much.

Though if you want to get REALLY accurate, you buy the backer rewards which funds the project (technically unrelated).

You could technically make a kickstarter for a game, make all the backer rewards random things that have nothing to do with the game (so no ‘you get the finished game’ but things like ‘you get a t-shirt’ ‘you get dinner’).
If you collect millions, you are not required to actually finish the project since no one actually paid for that. The only requirement for you is to send out the backer rewards.”

“>Giving money to startups on Kickstarter.

I understand giving money to kickstart a commodity that you will eventually get given to you, like a video game or a shoe or something, but kickstarting a startup, when you get NOTHING in return?

Can I sell you penny stocks to my company? I promise some sort of returns eventually maybe one day. Better investment than Kickstarter.”

“Man, startups have such high aspirations today.

Their goal is to be bought out by a bigger company and contributing to the monopolization of the industry.



“Jesus, that whole last little diatribe by the RPS guy is so ridiculous. Do they actually believe the shit they spout?

Game journalism is so insane and hypocritical. These are some of these same guys who go on about “If you don’t like it don’t play it” and “How dare you tell game makers how to make their games? You’re so entitled”, and then their “reporters” go on little Social Justice crusades trying to get devs to feel sorry about “objectifying” women. The fuck is wrong with them? How did any of these assholes get into video games in the first place.”

Do you honestly think that laws mean shit to them? They’re above the law because they are the law. This statement isn’t even being edgy, it’s just politics 101.”

“this, law means nothing in geopolitics. Might makes right, law is for the weak.

Not trying to be edgy, that’s just how it works. Whatever has monopoly of force makes the law and enforces it, law means nothing without enforcement.”

“I denied putting glue under the pedal of my ’86 Buick so my wife would slam into a tree at seventy five miles an hour

That doesn’t mean I didn’t do it”


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