Mar 22

“Why the fuck are there so many feminists in vidya these days? I don’t fucking get it.”

“The movie industry won’t take them seriously.”

“>”The movie industry won’t take them seriously.”
>Disney’s “Lesbians on Ice” wins 2 Oscars”

“Don’t get me started on that one. It was the most biased and misandrist shit I’ve seen in a while.
>All men are evil, dumb assholes
>Women are powerful and don’t need men at all

Nice morals you’re teaching the kids there, Disney. You cum guzzling thundercunts.”

“Her opening joke was about how most of the people in the audience were men who had never seen a vagina and that she wanted to make them not scared of her by showing a picture of a vagina with tetris pieces overlayed on it.”

“Seriously? People get escorted out of conferences because they made a “Dongle”-joke with their buddy in private and get overheard by a feminazi and lose their job and she gets away with insulting every male in the hall and even gets an award for this?

I’m kinda losing hope here … when will this end?”

“>Her opening joke *was fucking bad


“If it was a dude talking about his dick he’d be boo’d off the stage”

“Feminazis helped the game industry advance to a better place. How? By splitting the community? I’ve never seen so much hate directed at games that focus on delivering LGBT/sexism topics before. DA:O or ME didn’t force it so it was acceptable. It was optional and you wasn’t shoved in your face.”

“>someone hurt my feelings by calling me bad so im going to type out an essay explaining the quantum physics behind my assmad instead of using the built in mute feature then throw the game instead of putting it past you and wanting to win just because you’re a spiteful retard

these people are truly worse than toxic players”

“>I do not understand human interactions and it is not my fault every game I flame in ends up in a loss!
>they should just mute me or git gud!!

Enjoy your loses.”

“Morale is a HUGE part to success

This is applicable to most things in life”

“I don’t give a fuck about winning though, often it’s more satisfying to call this cunt ass useless nigger tanky lee sin who used his ult to killsteal after feeding your mid while you were bot a fucking stupid faggot. I usually just start it out slow like “haha this lee sin is so bad, he can’t even fucking ward jump” or “that Q was point blank and you missed it, jesus christ”, then when he’s already mad I say the satisfying sentences “Jesus christ you’re bad lee, just kill yourself you waste of space. Or at least go AFK so you can’t cause more damage.”

Never do they not get mad, and as long as they’re as mad as you are, you have won. At least in my opinion”

“Assuming you aren’t just fucking around, that’s pathetic. You’re just using the game as a stage to vent your frustrations. You should be better than that”

“I was fucking around mostly, but I still think it’s better to vent your anger in the current game so you don’t have to take a break from the game due to frustration and can play a game right after instead.

Honestly it depends on how easily you get mad, and there’s no shame in getting mad, only beta faggots don’t feel anger when there’s a reason to feel anger. You let some faggot spit in your face and just go “That was not cool man, but I understand you probably had a good reason”?”

“>Get the AD a few double kills bottom
>Call Jungler we for counter ganks and free drags
>Roam mid and get three man ganks
>Pink and clear everything with red trinket
>Ward up the enemy jungle and have free red/blues all day for my AD/Jungler
>Team starts going full retard because we are 20/5 or some shit
>”Lucian you’re a retard, and wu stop initiating and let me do it. If you don’t I will AFK.”
>lol go afk annie I’d rather lose than play with a toxic player like you
>Leave game and go make some food
Man the fucking tears and ass mad from my team, and the 8/2 Fizz whom I helped had my back.
>He did say that he would AFK
General rule of thumb if your team doesn’t want to group after 2 failed 4v5 fights or people get picked off its not worth the stress. But BM’ing and being “toxic” is fun as fuck and ass mad care bears need to either grow some balls or use the mute function.”

“Honestly I seem to be the happiest guy I know. I’m not depressed, I always laugh, I’m not nervous about anything, I keep my cool in most situations, and my coworkers have said they like to be around me because I’m always so happy and funny.

I have no reason to seek help for calling shitters in league out for what they are. It’s healthier to release your anger than to hold onto it or try to move on by pretending it didn’t happen like som christian priest. I’ve been in a few bar fights due to uncalled for shit talk from random guys, and after the first time I ever did something about it (the first bar fight), I became much more assertive and never let people fuck with me again and it made me a happier person.

You’re worse than reddit about this “toxic” bullshit. There’s nothing wrong with getting mad and exchanging some vocal banter. If you start punching people in real life over league then you’ve got a problem.”

“I only directly flame in rare circumstances though. If they fuck up, that’s fine, if they feed, that’s fine. If they start talking shit over nothing, that’s not as fine, and if they intentionally try to fuck with you ingame (like that lee who used his ult to killsteal after feeding my lane) then you have to take them down with you.”

 “EA pls. It only sold 630k copies and people are already dropping it. It’s over.”

“How is that a bad number?”

“That is a incredible small number for the marketing this game received. These days, AAA games that sell less then 2 million are considered flops now.”

“>That heavy advertising since it was announced at E3
>Hyped up as a killer app for the Xbone and as redefining multiplayer shooters by not paid at all reviewers
>Made by Call of Duty devs

630k is fucking pathetic for something like this”

“You are confusing single and multiplayer games. Compared to the later, the first are really expensive to make, and they expect sales in the millions.”
“Most budget is spent for marketing, so the mp/sp only is irrelevant.”


Well, for starters, does this look like they were expecting it to sell under a million?

Second, Titanfall was supposed to be the AAA+++++ mega-hit COD-killer 10/10 GOAT next big thing. Go read the paid reviews. EA pushed that narrative HARD.”

“Titandshit is absolutely zero personality project. You don’t make great franchises like that. Halo CE didn’t even have online mp, but is still single-handedly made all xbox hueg sales because the setting it established was all that teenagers dreamed about.”

“A percentage is meaningless when you don’t know the actual numbers behind it. Since Microsoft won’t even say how well the Xbone was selling in the UK before Titanfall “increased it by 96%”, it’s safe to bet UK Xbone sales are so shiity that doubling them probably means they were boosted from 6 to 12.”

“They have a point, unless you are a damn imbecile nobody wants to watch greasy Asian nerds click on their mouses for a good hour, the thing with professional sports is that you see athletes do physically amazing stunts, and feats. A game is something any idiot, especially for LOL, can get into with no problem whatsoever.

Do you know why we haven’t hear from MLG in a long time? Because nobody fucking cares, it was a stunt to get fat retarded babies into buying mountain dew.”

“Calling videogames an art is an insult.

Art is literally useless. Everyone in academia knows that mathematics and the sciences are better than the arts. You will never see videogames called art because they require people who are smarter than the average bear. This alone instills rage into the bullshiters who spend years teaching useless piles of shit to students in art colleges.”

“thats because everyone in academia is super defensive about there major and bullshit about engineering being a godsend and psychology a theist bathhouse
Also thats not why people willl never call it art. By that logic movies would never be called art. People won’t call it art because its centered around the viewer and not the developer”

“>person 1 does not have money to buy $60 new VIDEO GAME
>person 1 watches the paint dry on the wall for entertainment
>person 1 contributes $0 to game dev

>person 2 does not have money to buy $60 new VIDEO GAME
>person 2 pirates game and plays game for entertainment
>person 2 contributes $0 to game dev

person 2 contribution = person 1 contribution
not playing the game and not paying hurts the dev as much as playing the game and not paying
using your logic every human being alive should be forced to give money to dev because otherwise they’re hurting the industry”

“Also another thing
>person doesn’t have money to buy game
>pirates it
>plays and likes it
>tells his friends how awesome it is
>they are more likely to buy it

>person doesn’t have money to buy game
>doesn’t pirate it
>can’t tell his friends how awesome it is because he doesn’t know
>friends are unlikely to buy it”

“>create original content
>digitalize it
>launch magic copy machine that produces millions of copies
>expect full payment for each copy


Piracy isn’t wrong. The only thing that’s wrong is the idea that you can make a business off the sales of digital copies at an age when anyone can make those copy by himself. Whoever thought it was a viable thing back then when private copying capabilities were on the rise is an idiot, whoever thinks it’s still viable today is a complete retard.

I mean, last time I bought a car, not only it was unique, because based on the options I chose, there was hardly another similar car, and even then, based on the varying levels of quality, there wasn’t an exact copy anywhere, but even then, I bought it because I can’t copy it myself. No one would pirate movies if they weren’t released on DVD just like no one pirates theater plays. No one would pirate music if you couldn’t buy it on a CD just like no one pirates a concert. No one would pirate vidya if it didn’t come in a discrete and autonomous copy just like no one pirates games with an online service.

Publishers are responsible for having downgraded the value of content by having digitized it. Their business model is terribly outdated and fundamentally flawed, and it’s not our fault if we can see the obvious flaws. They can shove all of their complaints up their asses. There’s no need to justify piracy, because the reason is so obvious; paying for something you could be doing yourself is, on the other hand, certainly questionnable.”

“Is pirating wrong? I would say yes. Is not releasing demos so people can try the game before they buy it wrong? I would again say yes. If any developers are in this thread know that piracy has only gotten worse because you have forced it to get worse. Give us demos that reflect the finished product(are you honestly surprised when people don’t buy a game because the demo you released is a buggy as shit section of an alpha build?)and maybe we won’t need to pirate so much of your shit just to avoid wasting our hard earned dollary doos.”

“My personal opinion is I will pay you if I think your work deserves my money. If I think it isn’t but I still want your product in particular, then I will adjust the pirate/proportion ratio to match what I think your work is worth, to the best of my ability.”

“By saying that, you have already set the product’s value to 0, regardless if you pay or not: The value of the product itself, and the labors associated with it, is worthless, simply because you personally are setting the value, and the best value for you to have personally is 0 through piracy. Anything you pay is essentially a tip or a “I’m only paying you because I would feel guilty pirating it” pittance. “

“I find this pretty funny, because supposed “guilty pirates” are damned either way. Oh you stole it? You didn’t pay for it. Oh you paid the price asked for? You didn’t pay enough.

Like there’s a repentance donation value I should be paying that’s some multiple of the product’s stated cost to the creator because I considered doing things the creator didn’t like.”

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