Mar 20

“”>I just. I just can’t.

Why do all SJWs like emulating speech stutters”

psst you know im the good guy because good guys are always the underdog :^)”

“”>woman being offended by it
>objectifies herself by using the term “getting pussy”
this seriously makes me sad. these people are absolute drones, automatons.”

more like

“I don’t like what you are doing.”
“Ok. So?”
“You won’t be getting my pussy.”
“Ok. Back to what I was doing then.”

it’s pretty much up to whether or not the audience has enough brains at that point.”

“Can there be a rape scene in a game anymore? Probably not. Look at what happened with Tomb Raider. Whatever man, I guess fiction has to be less graphic than reality or else we’d be exposed to mentally scarring ideas. wait…”

“MGS5 has made me extremely uncomfortable. Like, put down the controller and take a break to pull myself back into reality. And that’s a GOOD thing. When a medium can reach out and make you feel things, not just feel through the character, but to actually touch you and derive a deeper reaction from you than simple base emotions, that’s what art is suppose to do.

Spoilered for blog posting, scroll on if you don’t give a shit about >OPINIONS.
But I was actually physically and sexually abused for years. Details are irrelevant, but it’s left its scars. There were some points in GZ that were (pardon the terminology) triggering. I felt nervous and sick to the point of crying and I had to walk away for a bit. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It was a horrible experience, something I’d never wish on anyone, but it does give context to the characters and what they’re going through. Listening to the tapes made me uncomfortable, more so than it probably will most people, but it’s not pointless or unnecessary. It’s sobering, and I think all in all it adds to the piece as a whole. Just because I have an unfortunate history doesn’t mean the integrity of the story should be compromised. In fact, I’d rather it be horrifying and upsetting. That’s the reality of the subject they’re dealing with. It’s a horrible thing and they’re actually presenting it with some dignity, instead of pretending it didn’t happen at all.”

“Remember guys. Murder is a-okay but rape? Rapes is the worst thing you can to do someone else, it’s even worse than murder!”

“I hate it that feminists say this shit. It’s like rape victims are better off dead in their eyes.”

“a male friend of mine genuinely thinks getting raped would be worse than getting murdered because “you would have to live with the fact”
not to sound like an asshole but really even by that logic getting raped is better since at least you can still decide whether youd rather be dead or not.”

“this, the logical solution would be killing off all victims, since you are “helping” them.”

“Son of a rape victim here.

My mother once reached the point of tears after seeing people protesting on the news holding up signs which read shit like Rape is Worse than Murder and Rape Victims are Better Off Dead.

But as always privileged, middle class white people who have never actually dealt with any adversity will continue fighting the good fight for everyone else. Not because they care, not because they want to help others, but because it’s what’s in right now and they’re massive fucking tools.”

“Precisely. Rape victims have the chance to rebuild themselves and their lives. There was a woman in South Africa who was kidnapped, held for a month, and raped and tortured throughout, losing both her legs and an arm in the process; she has a lot of shit to deal with now but by all accounts she found help, worked through everything, and is now enjoying what she has made of her life.

Not one of these spineless faggots would ever dare look her in the eye and tell her she’s better off dead.”

“Shouldn’t all these SJWs be diverting their energy towards stopping real rape and not fictional rape?”
“That would require effort”
“Well that would require them to face the types of people who commit real rape, not write fictional accounts of rape.”

“Let me pull a page from the SJW pamphlet and mention this is a manchild bitching about his video games.


“that only works when they use it. Not saying you’re wrong, but I’ve seen them turn that around with shit like: “NO MAN, THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT!””

“Nobody gives a shit.

That’s the thing /v/ needs to understand.

Every single ‘victory’ these twits have ever had cost the ‘loser’ nothing. Facebook added 50 gender options which took one unpaid slave 40 minutes to do, and now they’re getting tons of free publicity from it.

EA puts in a faggot in one of their games, uses the character creator from the same game to make the model, hacks together a story line about him sobbing over his dead hubby in a day, gets tons of positive press.

The moment they demand anything that’ll hurt the bottom line the heads of any corporation will laugh in their face and put their cigars out on their foreheads”

“want these things to be given more public attention
>gets upset when they get put in a high profile game

I don’t get it. It’s not like Kojima made trivialised rape.”


I think we can summarise that whiners just want to cry about fucking everything. Both sides of the fence. Both planes are greener for these people. They were always around.

Now they just have a twitter account on a public site that anyone with access to the internet can view and comment on them being retarded.

This creates controversy.

Suddenly their retarded ideals is met by other retarded idealists. They get what they want. Then they bitch about that too. Then you take that away. Then they say you’re not giving it enough exposure. It’s an endless cycle of bitching and I think we as a whole need to start learning how to laugh at these sorts of people. They’re never going to go away and our only counter should be LOL”

“Couldn’t it be argued that censoring anything to do with rape is more harmful because it’s essentially ignoring actual rape and pretending it doesn’t exist? Has anyone ever brought up this point to these people, or do they just ignore them?”

“They just ignore anything that points out that the fact that their agenda is being adhered to.

They have no response to it.

Which is pretty ironic I think. They bitch about things being ignored. Then those things aren’t ignored and aren’t trivialised. Then they try to ignore people who point this out to them. They’re fucking morons.”

“SJW retards don’t actually buy or play games, they do nothing but bitch on tumblr/reddit/facebook.

A movie came out in 1994 called S.F.W. or “So Fucking What” and there hasn’t been such a harsh criticism of culture as a whole since. During the course of the movie American society is depicted as systemically apathetic in the mainstream. The hero of the story is a guy named Cliff Spab who is taken hostage in a convenience store for a month by some terrorist radical group. He becomes famous because he stares them down while shouting “so fucking what?” This saying resonates with everyone in the country and they all follow his lead.
Cliff has something of an existential crisis and runs away from it all, ultimately only to be shot by a young girl. Before the young girl pulls the trigger she screams “EVERYTHING MATTERS” Instead of vilifying the wouldbe slayer of the national hero, they case Cliff aside and make this young girl their new icon. The trends change and now all of a sudden apathy is no longer trendy, and the mainstream pushes social activism.

This is what is happening. SJW are nothing but a short lived trend, and they can only exist because you’re reinforcing their existence by contributing to the social commentary on the issues they raise. In a decade the trends will reverse and apathy once again will be the in thing. Originally these faggots were only involved in African aid programs, freeing Tibet, curing HIV, or some other feel good charity, but as society becomes more novel their struggles become more novel. The SJW movement is the literal embodiment of “everything matters” and they’ll stretch themselves thin by wasting effort on countless ineffectual pushes for things of no real consequence. This opens the way for systemic apathy as their enthusiasm wanes. It is cyclical. Every few generations see the same problems born again.

Just stop feeding it.”

“If you have to use critical thinking to emulate empathy then you are autistic. Hopefully you are intelligent enough to pass for normal.”

“I give literally no fucks about plane crashes, school massacres, natural disasters and shit but I get feels when a character I look in a book or similar gets fucked in some manner.

I’ve never been able to figure out whether I’m sociopathic/autistic or people who cry about that shit are just paying lip service. Which is it, anon?”

“I honestly believe it’s the lip service in most cases. you don’t have any reason to give a fuck about these people you don’t know and it seems odd to suddenly care about accidental deaths of people ONLY if a bunch managed to accidentally die at once.”

“It’s a Machiavellian instinctual reaction for most people.

Instead of showing themselves loyal and trustworthy through actions, they simply break down into a blubbering pile, acting the victim for something that doesn’t even affect them in the least. Showing that they’re “in this together”, and their strong sense of justice without actually ever acting on it and thus subjecting yourself to no risk.

Who cares if it’s intrinsic and reflexive, it still makes you a terrible person. No that word’s a little too strong. It still makes one a terrible woman.”

“Just apply your critical thinking to whatever real world event happened. Think of the school shooting as a story. Shed some tears. Okay, that last part might be hard.”

“So basically you’re just being intentionally obtuse for the sake of argument. It’s not working.”

“Common tactic among feminists, leftists and all others narcissists without self respect. They think merely avoiding to acknowledge themselves being wrong will make it not so, even if they have to portray themselves as drooling retards to ignore the logic.”


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