Mar 19

“and the vapid whore says “Really?!”. If she were 20 years younger she’s say “OMG Wow, just wow”. You get the picture.”

“Now, Groupthink is a quite well established concept in psychology, although it suffers from serious neglect, as it doesn’t fit the zeitgeist, or more accurately, it goes against the basic Christian concept of individual sin, and its bastardized Enlightenment idea of the autonomous individual.”

“So instead of individual rationality I believe that we have common sense. The collective intelligence of a community comes from the surrounding flow of ideas and examples; we learn from others in our environment, and these others learn from us. Over time, a community with members who actively engage with each other creates a group with shared, integrated habits and beliefs. When the flow of ideas incorporates a constant stream of outside ideas as well, then the individuals in the community make better decisions than they could on their own.”

 “Infamous was so terrible about this.

>Hmm, I could let people grab some supplies and feed themselves
>Or I could electrocute all of them and keep them to myself
>I could disarm this bomb which takes me like 10 seconds
>Or I could walk away and let everyone die

It was retarded.”

“if you made altruism harder than being a dick, people would be unhappy”

“For the slow out there, “hundreds of thousands” in PR speak = 200-300k. 500k~ would be “nearly/over half a million” and 1 million~ would be “close to a million/millions.””


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