Mar 18

“>”Ten years ago competitive gaming wasn’t even a thing.”
“I’ve never heard of Starcraft””

“>Ten years ago, competitive gaming wasn’t even a thing
Shows how much Valve knows. This thing is clearly just a huge marketing scheme to get people to play more DotA 2. If this isn’t an eye opener to Valve fans about the current state of Valve than I don’t fucking know what is.

Ten years ago I would be mad about this, but with the way Valve has been handling things I can’t say I didn’t see this coming.”

“>a movie about valve stroking their dicks
How about you get off your fat lazy ass and make an original game with those mountains of money you obese fuck gaben.”

“the thing that bugs me more than the idea behind e-sports themselves is who the fuck is watching and sponsoring them”

“The skill required is different. FPS skill is visceral. its about speed, and precision, and absolutely perfect timing. The best competitive FPS is one that is fast and requires you to be more spatially aware, farther. RTS skill is a lot more about perfecting the mind game applying it. Mental math, and value juggling are important, but one of the keys is that RTS isn’t as speed oriented. RTS is much more about tuning yourself into the rhythm of the game”

“When is this “mobas are casual” meme going to end?

They have everything that makes a good esport – it’s heavily strategy based so you’re always going to see teams dominating with new lineups, it’s still got action and rewards fast response, and the skill ceiling is practically infinite since it’s such a flexible game with an infinite amount of things you’ll potentially have to deal with. Calling it “casual” is just plain uneducated.

It’s got everything that makes a good spectator game. I’m not trying to tell you Quake is easy or “casual,” but there’s far less of a strategy element and there’s going to be a lot less diversity between individual matches.”

“The mechanical skill ceiling is nonexistent in “MOBA”. It’s also bullshit that the strategy element is weak in Quake, have you even ever watched a Quake 3 or QL tournament?”

“You will think if is so nonexistent it will easy for you to play one, being the best and win all the money in tournies, you sure are missing out sitting in your basement.”

“This is literally the only argument people use to support ‘m-muh MOBAs take skill’. Even though its blatantly obvious to anyone with a brain that how good you are in these no-skill games is based almost entirely on experience, and the top players have been playing DotA for 10 years.”

“A game is as competitive as it will let a better player destroy the worse player. The better that skill ‘room’ between the floor and ceiling is what you’re looking for.”

“Also, anyone who says that button mashing gets you anywhere is playing the wrong fighting games. You don’t look to tournaments for good competitive fighters for the same reason why you don’t go to MLG for the best shooter. its about people being willing to watch. That’s what all of this shit is about, making money off of you.”

“dont call them fucking sports, sports are about training your mind and your body to the limits, not sitting on your ass clicking like a motherfucker in some dumbass videogame, this is a fucking disgrace”

“even the USA government considers progamers as athletes
get with the times gramps”

“yeah and they also consider pizza a vegetable
shut the fuck up.”

“I stopped playing nintendo games for a long time after the gamecube.

But if theres one thing I’ve always admired about Nintendo, no matter how much everyone hates them and wished they were dead, is that their games have are spit shined to a mirror like polish.
Their quality control is absolutely phenomenal.

Its like miyamoto stands over the very end of the production line at the dev studio with a chain whip in his hand ready to crack some heads the second he see’s a single janky animation or bug.

Their other strong point.
The very reason they get away with selling underpowered hardware is because their games usually pick style over graphical fidelity and can make a game pleasing as fuck to look at on the weakest of devices.
Something I wish more devs would adopt, because while powerful graphics are nice, if it doesn’t have a solid art style and just goes for more realism, chances are its going to look laughably shit 5 years down the line.

Wind waker and sunshine aged much better than twilight princess ever did, thats for sure.”

“71 in 2014 is the equivalent to a ~30 back in the mid-2000s. Even the shittiest of the shitty easily clear 80 nowadays.”

“>Video games are a mature medium!

“This they alway want Video Games to be art but dare them Devs to include stuff that doesnt comfort their personal feelings.”

“Bingo. “Video games are art!” is shouted to the heavens by the same people crying “Breasts in games are sexist!” and shit like that”

“100% dead on accurate, save this quote for future generations. Liberalism must be destroyed.”

“>But that’s the only thing anyone gives a shit about.

That’s because all these sjws are selective in the things they choose to look at in a game. It makes it easier for them to label a game based on the one aspect that makes it seem like it’s targeting them. They ignore the fact that the game may target everyone. Like GTAV for example. I remember that Gamespot reviewer who was upset over the games portrayal of woman, but displayed no concern with the fact that the game parodies literally every demographic. Now they’re ignoring every aspect of war that Ground Zeroes covers, and focusing exclusively on the rape. It’s pathetic. Just fuck off back to tumblr. You’re not wanted here.”

“A guy dies: nobody cares.

Learn the difference.”

“>Show me something else, Kojima.
Of course, this person must be catered to, forget the writers artistic vision, as long as he panders to this person he’s all good”

“>Snake tortured in MGS1
>Raiden tortured in MGS2
>Snake, Granin, and Sokolov tortured in MGS3
>Paz tortured in GZ
>I think I’ve seen enough of the wanton suffering of women.

On the ball as always, Shitaku.”

“Heres the real kicker.

>4 Solid games where the male main character is tortured, humiliated, and scarred
>4 Solid games where female secondaries are shot, bleeding, dying, and held hostage
>1 Solid game tells how a previous series lead was captured, physically tortured, amputated from the jaw down, and forced into a cyborg frame to fight against his will
>the recent Revengeance game has the male main character eviscerated, tortured, humiliated, traumatized, and amputated

>1 game where war rape is not even shown

“Are journalists really this ignorants?
What they fuck do they think happens to women in war?

Americans raped in ‘Nam, “french” troops raped in Italy in WW2, Soviets raped germans in WW2, Soviets still continue to rape in Chechenia.
Of course if you have a cute something that was also a SPY bad things will happen to her.
Are all of these guys shelled or something?”

“There was implied rape in MGS1 as well with Meryl. Non one gave a fuck back then, but the SJW leftist propaganda in the western world has hit critical mass in the last 5 years or so.

Lets not pretend these people actually dislike this kind of content. The truth is they LOVE IT when this kind of shit pops up because it gives them a chance to jump on their soap box and rant and bitch and cry and draw attention to themselves and feel validated by their own sense of worth derived from being such paragons of SJW virtue. Any faggot who cries about this kind of shit in GZ is secretly hoping for even more in TPP so they can do more of the same.”

“No, they think that games about people killing each other should be child friendly and be a happy hugbox for everyone”

“Cop chick? There’s a much better rebuttal than that.

>The game seems to believe there are only two classes of women: young, sexy, attractive ladies defined by the men they’re with, or strong, independent; and wholly asexual who wield power over you […] there aren’t really any female gangsters who fight beside you or female gangsters to fight against.”

Vivienne Lu: Not defined by the men she’s with because she’s with so many, the one she is with is beta as fuck, and it’s very clear that although her societal position and in-story role is defined by Sonny, her personality very much is not. My memory has Sonny as “Vivienne’s Pimp” and Betaboy as “Vivienne’s Man”. Fairly independent considering her actions later in the game, does attempt to wield power over you. But still young, sexy, and attractive.

The audio overlaying the crotch grab scene [by Vivienne] in the video goes

>It’s another game that has some absolutely wonderful elements that gets dragged down by awkwardly framing all women by their relationship to the male protagonist.

Literally cannot make this shit up.”

“A foul mouth does not betray a courageous heart. Some of the nicest people I know have the biggest potty mouths.”

“You really have no problems making claims you could never back up, don’t you.”
“Back up? Is that really necessary to comfort a woman?”

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