Mar 11

“If man realizes technology is within reach, he achieves it. Like it’s damn-near instinctive.”

“An excellent explanation of this process, starting from a primordial soup state is given by Richard Dawkins in his book “The Selfish Gene”. He also coined a term that will be used a lot in the next section. The theory implies that given the conditions in which amino acids are spread, they will tend to form more and more stable molecules. On a given time, a molecule will be formed that has the capability to replicate itself, thus rendering an exact duplicate. Because of this property, this molecule will spread rapidly. But, we cannot expect the copy process to be perfect, giving rise to modifications eventually. From there on, the gap between that simplified scenario and the complex one we are dealing with can be filled.

Given this process, we will have a wide variety of species all competing and becoming more and more apt to survive. But, what is this that is being refined? It would not limit itself to how a body is built. It also contains some basic instructions, instinct. This instinct allows the individual to react to certain common situations with “canned” reactions. But how these come to be? Well, some of the individuals developed a nervous system, and just as any given organ, the individuals with the best responses coded in their instinct survived and spread their genes better. One thing to keep in mind is that the system does not take decisions to find out what will be the next step, or how to improve, it simply happens because stability is the ultimate goal.

How can this process improve even more? If an individual can create a model of the environment, it could be prepared for certain situations that are not solved instinctively. Thus, individuals emerged with the power to simulate their environment. What does this imply? If a model of the environment is present, also a model of the individual is needed. Thus, the individual becomes self-aware and has consciousness.

This new tool is completely useless unless the individual can now learn in order to improve the model. There is constant feedback from the outside world that allows it to expand the information that represents the internal simulation. Here curiosity is very important. It is the factor by which an individual explores the world to feed the model. Curiosity also gives birth to creativity, since the data expands, new suppositions are made in the internal model, which later provide new possibilities for the individual.

More implications arise when, by being self-aware, the individual can see itself reflected in the others. In this condition, it is normal that a conscious individual that finds similarities between itself and another, projects the same attributes it has to the other one. In essence, this is a huge leap. The main core of the Turing test lies here, in empathy. It is impossible to know if another individual feels the same, thinks or any other internal process from the subjective position we have. We can only suppose that everything in our own world of perception is mirrored on the others.

[F]rom this supposition that other individual similar to oneself feels and thinks the same way, a group of mutual feelings arise. Like compassion and group preservation in a higher level than the genetic one. Just before we proceed, entertain the idea of what happens when a certain species tries that all its individuals are rescued from natural dead whenever possible, say from weakness or illness. Imagine what happens with the pool of genetic information when non-apt individuals are kept alive and allowed to reproduce. Also, any new mutations that generate individuals with abnormal properties are dismissed as defective. It is a cold way of thinking, but worth the time to reflect… What would be the way to evolve now?”

“If I ask the question, ‘Who am I?’ I could conclude that, perhaps I am this stuff here, i.e., the ordered and chaotic collection of molecules that comprise my body and brain.
However, the specific set of particles that comprise my body and brain are completely different from the atoms and molecules than comprised me only a short while (on the order of weeks) ago. We know that most of our cells are turned over in a matter of weeks. Even those that persist longer (e.g., neurons) nonetheless change their component molecules in a matter of weeks.
So I am a completely different set of stuff than I was a month ago. All that persists is the pattern of organization of that stuff. The pattern changes also, but slowly and in a continuum from my past self. From this perspective I am rather like the pattern that water makes in a stream as it rushes past the rocks in its path. The actual molecules (of water) change every millisecond, but the pattern persists for hours or even years.”


“I’m used to it, OP. WoW did the exact same shit with my friends ten years ago.

>vidya bros
>LAN parties galore
>quake, ut99, ut2004, tfc, bf1942
>wow comes out
>suddenly everyone stops doing lans because they’re all raiding like autistic retards
>they all turn into shit-ins

>ditch them, fly solo
>make new vidya bro-friends on steam

>call of duty 4, saints row, gta, have a huge minecraft alpha server with these bros
>suddenly mobashit happens
>entire steamlist now conists of:
>friend is playing dota 2
>friend is playing dota 2
>friend is playing dota 2
>friend is playing dota 2
>friend is playing dota 2

It happened again.”

“>work at the isp in my tiny shitty little town
>buy server hardware for cheap
>buy up a server rack to host killing floor, mount & blade crpg, tf2, red orchestra 2 and a minecraft server

>fast times at gaming high

>LoL starts picking up steam
>dota 2 starts rolling out its private invites

>eventually, interest in my servers starts to die out
>nobody comes to my place to hang out and lan for days and days with zero net latency in a giant loft floor i had set aside solely for 20+ guests

Now I know how Jay Gatsby feels.”

“Lans as a whole died out, man.

Nobody plays lan anymore, it only exists in asia as lan cafes these days, and even here more and more people can afford to get a home pc and play there instead.”

“I know, and that’s probably the worst thing I have trouble coming to terms with. There were about 25 of us who would hang out, and it was a really great social thing. Nobody even had to bring anything, because I already had 30 machines set up on my second floor for people to play games. All they had to bring was themselves, I literally provided the rest.

I’m not even upset about the investment, because I feel like that it made for a lot of amazing times. I’m just sad that it’s all over.

I still maintain our mumble server, but there’s been such an evident shift in personality with my friends, to the point that I just don’t have much in common with them anymore. Nobody comes over these days, not even just to come by for a drink and play pool. I just miss my friends.”

“Jesus christ, that sucks dude.
30 computers though? holy shit, i would be maximum fucking mad”

“It’s a lot more depressing than it is enraging. In the end, I really don’t lambast them for the games they choose to play, because I was able to facilitate that for them. Now, I don’t really get to provide that for them anymore, and that has made me irrelevant to their fun.

Taking down the servers and the computers was probably the most heartwrenching thing, though. Because they were computers that would never really be played on again.”


“Mature topics have been taboo in videogames for far too long because of “muh chilluns” and I am proud of Kojima for taking the time and care to make the first step.”

“the funniest thing is kojima has SJW and journalists in checkmate. they cant critcize the game because it’ll look like they’re trying to trivialize rape and crimes against women.”

“>fine with people being brutally murdered in horrific ways
>lots of different torture scenes in MGS
>suddenly disgusted when rape is involved

christ /v/. you guys are no better than your SJW’s you keep complaining about”

“Oh boy. I can picture social justice and gaming journalists make a stink and when people defend the darker storytelling, they’ll be called rape/torture apologists.”

“This is easily foreseeable.

For the trillionth time, it’s bad guys doing bad things. And Paz isn’t 100% innocent either considering she has betrayed pretty much every group she landed on. Yes, the rapey stuff is bad. But that’s the point. Chico was practically sexually abused in the same situation and I’m sure people will take a blind eye to it. Hell. Even in these threads, nobody is talking about how Chico is sexually abused.

This does make a good arguement for why something like this should be allowed. Nobody complained about Snake, Raiden and BigBoss getting violently tortured and this is a pretty real part of war.”

“>*sounds of Paz being raped by a random soldier*
>Skullface tells the soldier forcibly to move, then tells Chico to get up.
>Chico dragged over to presumably naked and bound Paz
>Skullface asks Chico is he likes what he sees, makes some analogy to fruit – is she sweet or sour?
>Tells Chico to get a “taste test.”
>Tells Chico he takes her now or gets strung up next.
>Paz reassures Chico it’s fine.
>Chico struggles, sounds absolutely disgusted by the notion.
>Skullface demands Chico gets on with it.
>Paz once again reassures Chico.
>The scene fades out.

Shit’s twisted.”

“It’s not that she gets raped, you dumbass. It’s that she gets raped with the intent to loosen her up and then shove a fucking bomb inside her uterus.”

“Ok are people in this thread 12 ?
I mean comics(from any country) it’s full shit like this, and a lot better written too.”

“And actually before the regulation that hit the videogames industry it was full of dark and gory shit like this.
It’s impressive how decades of censorship transformed videogames fans in scaredy cats.”

“Maybe it says something about the bord that people can still be disgusted by something like this.”

“Having an underage boy forcibly rape a woman after he was forced to watch her get raped will be (and always should be) disturbing.

Yes, it happens in real life.
Yes, it has been portrayed before in other mediums.

No, it should never lose its taboo.
No, there is nothing wrong with us being taken aback by it.

Drop the edge for two seconds and realize that most functioning human beings will be empathetic to these sort of human travesties in at least some small way.”

“I’m completely ok with this man, what bothered me is this kind of reverence present in this thread almost as if kojima did the unthinkable.”

“This will be the test for whether video games as a medium can handle this kind of subject matter, or if they’ll be held back as children’s playthings.”

“It’s unthinkable in the context of video games, especially so in recent years. It is actually something of a big deal for the industry itself, when you think about it.”

“Best as I can tell, up until recently the medium sure as shit could easily have handled this.
Unfortunately when the SJWs and others like them swarmed the medium, suddenly any thing revolving around hurting a woman in even the slightest causes people to go full retard.

Take the last 2 GoW games for example.
Ascension was toned down in many ways to not upset them and yet they still managed to get upset, yet GoW3 that released before this shitstorm had one brutal moment (using Posidens Wife to hold the door open) that overshadows anything Ascension ever did”

“the thing is, at the time when GoW3 came out, gaming journalists were cheering and supporting said brutal scene for various reasons, 2 of which I remember

>God of War series is a brutal series and this definitely fits
>It shows Kratos is truly all about equality and that females will not get special treatment for him

On the flipside, the next GoW game comes out and they’re actually nitpicking anything and everything
>witty trophy names that all GoW games have done
>female monsters like Gorgons and Harpy are made more beast like to not offend anyone
still sexist because they have tits and Kratos kills em
>has no sex scene
sexist because it looked like Kratos was about to go into one but it was a trap
>final bosses of the game are evil bitches and the only other male character in said game helps you defeat them
you can bet your ass thats double sexist”

“Odd thing is how vidya game journalists are still eagerly awaiting a new GoW title to be announced yet want it to be spayed and neutered to their liking and not to the series nature”

“Yeah. Go back to maybe 2009 even and there’s ZERO SJW articles. Just straight edge game reporting and journalism. Back when it didn’t suck SJW cunts.”

“Go back even longer with early 2000s and they’d show raw buttocks on game magazines for the shock factor advertisements and nobody would give a damn. Good old days, seriously. Gaming journalism back then could definitely handle this material. Nowadays, there will be calls for boycotts and bans. Fucking pathetic.”

“>”Give her the shot already!”
>”Package inside. She’s closed up”
>”How long does she have?”
>”About 24 hours, the same as her cargo. I removed organs she won’t be needing to make room for the bomb”
>”Good. And now for the second bomb, where they’ll never look…”
>*Sound of lifting clothes and a horribly squelching sound*
>”Now string her up”

That’s fucked up.”

“Then again, sexual torture? That’s the kind of stuff the American government does in real life, en masse. Places like Russia, China and North Korea pretty much does it as a matter of course.”

“If any journalist makes a fucking article with a link to this vid, I’m pulling it down.
I know some journo’s are watching the threads, but they are paid to keep their mouths shut until release, otherwise they are breaking their contract or NDA or some shit, I don’t know.
But fuck current gaming journalism, from what I’ve seen in the past few years I could go up to IGN’s office and say “HEY BRO I DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT GAMES BUT I WANT SOME MONEY SO PLS GIB JOB HUEHUEHUE” and get the job because clickbait.
tl;dr Kojima is god”

“I can’t wait. “How DARE they depict a woman prisoner being raped in a realistic depiction of a war time scenario???”?”

“Once again, one of the kidnapped people is a female. Do you even fucking know what happens to female hostages in wartime scenarios? They get raped. Fact.”


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