Mar 8

“Something changed somewhere along the way you know? As kids if someone puked everyone stepped the fuck away from them for basically forever. And now in college its like “its cool maaaan its not our carpet anyways it can be replaced, you just had a little too much to drink, it felt goood though riight?” I’ve not seen a single person stop drinking – no, I’m going to call it alcoholing, because they’ve thrown up once or twice.

And throwing up isn’t the problem, the problem is causing trouble for other people. Oh sorry, I can’t control myself? Fuck this society and its acceptance of drunkards. If you have to alcohol, fine, whatever. But go sleep in the street for the night or something. I don’t want to have to deal with your bullshit, and no one else should have to either.

I masturbate for my private sin, but what happens when I jack off too much? I chafe my shaft and that’s about it. It’s not like oops I ran out of clothing items I had to borrow yours sorry I couldn’t help myself? Or maybe suppose I get a girl one day oops we ran out of bed sheets so we had to use your bed sorry can you let us finish? You don’t hear that ever happening but hey puking everywhere that’s cool.

Like hell it is.”

“4chan wasn’t lying when they said “Remember, you’re here forever”. Once you stop being a newfag and you start understanding what’s going on, it’s literally the highest consistent quality discussion to be found basically anywhere outside of small groups that take a lifetime to find and craft. Even with all the shitposting and shitty mods/janitors it’s still better.”

“But again, I don’t care particularly about the abuse. If somehow it was also culture to sleep on the curb in shame after vomiting in someone’s living space, then I’d be perfectly A-OK with it.

But no, we gotta all have our needs met, and by we I mean “me”, and by “me” i mean the offending party, which is why when a thief falls through a glass roof he can sue the owner in a civil suit and win.”

“Name one thing in skyrim that mods can’t fix.”

“>The AI, in regards to voice acting. They will always say the same shit
>Combat, just fundamentally dull.
>The vanilla quests.”

“To be fair, it’s not like most games have surgent dialogue and able to hold interesting conversations with you.”

“But why program guards to talk every time you walk by, if they only have three lines? Hell, why does every character in game feel the need to talk at me whenever I walk down the street? RPGs existed for a long time with partial or nonexistent voice acting, and it was good. Silence would be better than the six lines you’ll hear twelve thousand times.”

“>install mod to add a lot more people in cities
>walk by a busy road

“What the fuck possessed them to put that shit in the game in the first place? Why do they waste time with stupid shit like this or NPCs forcibly stuffing shit back into your inventory if you drop it or dead bandits sending hitmen after you for stealing their stuff, instead of focusing it on shit that might actually make a difference like more robust economies, leadership roles that mean something more then “welcome back archmage, here’s your 200 gold and alchemy ingredients, see you back next week!”, shit like that?”

“Does anybody else miss when video games were just video games and not a tool being used by minority groups to push their retarded agendas?

or maybe I’m just getting old, fuck.”

“>complain about a single woman or group of women
>for whatever reason the standard is that all females defend each other regardless of knowledge or relation because worldwide sisterhood or something
>it becomes painfully obvious that a particular individual or group of women are absolute fucking garbage
>”T-that’s not representative of us! They’re just bad apples!”

This is actually very good strategy.”


“Why is Lightning so hated?

She’s the strongest female protagonist since Faris and Celes. She doesn’t whine about her circumstances like Terra constantly does. And she could easily beat Tifa in a fight.

Her personality is no worse than Squall’s. Where Squall would inner monologue, Lightning doesn’t mind telling you to fuck off to your face.”

“because the creator loves her more than anyone else, and it shows.
she’s forced apon us, she’s his literal, self-made, from the ground up “boyfriend free girl”.
it wasn’t obvious in FF13, but it was in FF13-2 and FF13-3.
the man has a deep, deep and very disturbing love for his own creation, so much so that he makes her into Judeo-Christian God.”

“What[ Is] a Mary Sue?”
“Because she’s a Waifu Sue.”
“Her personality? She doesn’t have one.”
“mary sue’s are self insert characters, AKA that bitch from Twilight. she’s worse than that, she’s Toriyama’s self made wife.”
“What’s wrong with you people? Are you all gay?”
“Unless you like used good, cause Toriyama made love to her while you were playing it and you can literally see his cum sliding down her thighs during the game.”

“She’s bland uninteresting and never goes through actual character arcs, instead a director is so in love with her he constantly extols her as a vriginal pure jesus knight maiden valkyrie. Her Sisters a more interesting lead than her.”

“and was killed in a way that she could never come back for commiting that sin.

and then he made Lightning into Biblical God who created our universe.

i’m not joking, the ending has her reincarnating in Modern Earth stepping out of a train in france.

which completely fucking blows the hinges off the FF multiverse as a concept and is the most jarringly bad ending to the entire series of games so far.”

“What exactly makes Lightning a strong character?”

“the Director being in love with her and telling us so. that’s really it, all of it is him increasingly trying to argue she’s the best thing ever. problem is he’s so in love with the ‘idea’ of her he’s afraid to make her an actual character, she needs to be his perfect stoic lofty virginal ideal.”

“pretty bland, generic so cold loveless female character. She literally has no emotion in the third game, the plot is written so that she’s monotone and boring on purpose.”

“And herein lies the real problem.
Male gamers don’t know how to take a female character without typical female mannerisms and no love interests.”

“sure we do, we love Samus, and on the flip coin, the incredibly dominate Bayonetta.
there are plenty of cold and detached female characters we like, because they are well written, and Lightning is not.”

“Samus is supposed to fight aliens. there is no fuckin room for emotion.
bayonetta has her daughter who she cares about. and bayonetta is actually a woman. not this fucking manly lighting cunt. ”

“more like the director fetishes a woman so out of his league she’s beyond such impurities as lusting for ugly men. hence why every one of the games always potrays her as a stone cold bitch, yet other male characters seem to fawn over how ‘cool’ she is when she acts like at best raging bulldyke.”

“the game’s storyline is along the lines of
Bhunivelze wakes up Lightning, and powers her up with Eradia, essentially the life force of a Fal’cie.
Along her journey to gather souls to send them to the new world Bunivelze is creating she learns that he has plans for the dead, this includes serah who died at the end of 13-2.
She learns that Vanille has been charged with performing a rite that will destroy all of the dead souls, preventing them from being reborn and upon destruction everyone will forget about any of the dead souls as if they never existed and prevents them from being reborn in the new world.
Lightning & Fang stop the ritual and instead have Vanille send all of the souls into the Ark where the living souls are being stored so that they too can be reborn.
upon facing Bhunivelze lightning learns that he has been shaping her into becoming the new goddess of death to replace Etro, as someone must take her place to allow living things to age and die and allow the dead to be reborn.
Lightning says fuck you and you plan, beats the shit out of him, releases Hope from his grasp,she then plans to take Etro’s place as someone has to do it, but Serah advises her not to, Bhunivelze gets back up and with some power of friendship later the whole team kick the shit out of him.
Yuel and Caius show up, engaging in the discussion that someone has to take Etro’s place and decide that they will, Noel pissed off at the idea Yuel isnt going to live attempts to stop it, Caius stops him and then makes him promise to protect her, he then sends him off with the last Yuel, free from the curse of the Seeress.
the cast then rejoice and join the rest of the souls, and await rebirth in the new world.
the game then fades into the idea that all these myths of magic, crystals and fantasy come from a time before you or our world was born.
the final scene is that of Lightning getting off a train in modern france looking forward to finding everyone again.”

“Thats how pure Toriyama’s love is for his waifu. he will rewrite the multiverse for her.”
“Why the fuck is final fantasy in any way, shape or form connected to the modern earth, what in all of the fucks”
“But if it isn’t connected with our world how will Toriyama meet his waifu?”

“Lightning is a boring piece of shit in a boring piece of shit series of games. Not much more to it than that. Her motivation (I MUST SAVE MY SISTER) and personality (I’M A HARDASS) are not the least bit endearing, and she experiences basically no growth in the entire FF13 trilogy except in her arbitrary space god power level. She’s basically a female Kratos, but without the tragic backstory.”

“Funny thing you mentioned Kratos from God of War. He suffered and painfully at that in both areas. Emotionally and physically (you think Kratos liked being killed by Zeus? Think again). Ultimately Kratos’ denial of his own mistakes led to him killing himself for good. What I’m trying to say here is Kratos had accountability. At no point did the writers think he was a likable guy. They acknowledged he was mostly a flawed violent brute. But why? Because he’s a MALE character.

Lightning has a vagina so that means she’s 100% unaccountable for any and all things she ever does. To hold a woman accountable in IRL for her misdeeds is illegal and a crime (especially if she’s decent looking). So don’t expect to see accountability for females in fiction either.

We’ll never start seeing tolerable female characters so long as they can keep getting away with blatant immoral behavior.”

“She has the personality of a BITCH and, like all female characters, is never held accountable when she insults/abuses/offends other people who are typically inoffensive and harmless.

This is why I hate female characters, they have no accountability. So when they do shit that would make a male character unlikable they not only get excused, but white knight faggots and manginas glorify it like a pack of masochist fucksucks.”

“>strongest female protagonist
Being a bitch all the time =/= Strong

>doesn’t whine about her circumstances
You’d need a personality to have something to whine about first.

>And she could easily beat Tifa in a fight
Name me ONE square-enix main character that Tifa could beat in a fight, without Materia and an empty limit bar.

>Her personality is no worse than Squall
No Personality =/= Good Personality

>Where Squall would inner monologue, Lightning doesn’t mind telling you to fuck off to your face
Not being able to think about her actions =/= Good”


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