Mar 7

“We’ll say we got it from NASA. Just not NASA’s kite page.”

“Unlocking creativity is the third biggest swindle perpetrated by managment consultants, after open floor plans and managment consulting. “

“The mistake is in thinking this has anything to do with the money.  It’s said that most at home traders fail, but this is incorrect: they fail at making money, but they are successful at feeling like a trader.  That is the goal; the money is secondary, which is why they fail at making it.  The buy/hold/reinvest the dividends strategy of Buffet is totally opposite to what’s desired, because the strategy does not involve market timing or status updates, it is on autopilot, and there’s no “i” in autopilot.  Well, there’s one, but it doesn’t stand out.

The trading activity itself– the frantic activity—  keeps the rest of reality away.  You’re not your job– you’re something else.  You’re not your family, you’re more than that.  Things have the potential of possibly happening someday, and no work will have been necessary to accomplish it.  Just you wait.

But even that’s not true.   The hardest part of the psychology is that feeling like a trader isn’t the final goal.  Turn CNBC back on, there’s Buffett, and oh, look, there’s Peter Schiff.  Peter Schiff is another CNBC favorite, and his presence is even more incongruous until you understand it isn’t.   Whatever your opinion of his opinions– debt/inflation/government/armageddon– his are more political than financial or macroeconomic rather than technical and anyway they are 100% long term opinions.  He may tell you to buy gold for the coming collapse, but you have a few years to open a position.  So why is he there?  “Because he’s right!”  No– why is he on Fast Money?

Here is the unspoken fantasy that explains the presence of Warren Buffett and Peter Schiff on CNBC:  “Someday I’ll be old, but when I am, I’ll have become rich through the market.  And then people will want to interview me.“”

“I don’t begrudge anyone the good fortune of right place/right time, take your money and run, but first drop a knee and be humbled before God reflecting soberly on the knowledge that you didn’t deserve it.   I love getting paid, do whatever you can do to get paid, but do not let the money whisper to you that you are worth it, it will be lying and you will believe it.  You hold a fetish of value and not actual value.”

“Economics mirrors psychology, as it always must.”

“Remember that the “culture” she thinks she speaks for, including those that hate her– “the startup culture”– is premised on starting a business in order to sell the business to someone else.   Of course the idea is to get rich– which sounds like capitalism, if you’re retarded, but observe the message that is being taught: that the necessary correlate to getting rich is to give all the capital to someone else.   The power is traded for the fetish of power.  That’s not capitalism, it is madness, and apparently Davos and Randi think women especially will heart it.”

“”But capitalism exploits the worker.”  I’ll take my chances, because when you get a taste of the money but no access to the capital, you are easily seduced by Globalism– the brand, not the particulars.  Hence the Hollywood stars, hence Buffett’s gransdon, hence Randi Zuckerberg, all who act like they belong there.  They do.

Every time you hear the word globalism, you should hear three things: 1. wealth uncoupled from work product.  2. Lifestyle as a reflection of your personal self-worth.  3. You give up control of the capital, and by capital I mean you.    “Do I still get paid?”  Sure, but you have to promise to spend more than what we pay.  “How will that work?”  Don’t worry, Visa will explain it all to you.”

“When social media is branded to men as a positive, the gimmick is that it magnifies their power,  e.g. “the hive mind.”  This brand is reinforced even when it is depicted as bad, e.g. men’s increased power to stalk, harass, or bully people.  On the other hand, when social media is branded to women with interests and passions but no math skills it’s for “finding support” or “community”; nothing powerful is expected to occur there, it’s a place to feel safe, “connect” and “have a conversation.”  Those are not accidents, and they have nothing to do with biology, they are the result of market research and 50 years of very, very bad parenting.”

“You may be surprised to discover that the more replaceable you are to the company, the higher standards you are held to, that’s what happens when you don’t control the capital.


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