Feb 25

“Why do leftists frame everything as a “conversation”? If it’s a conversation, then why does one party get to tell the other party what to do?”

“That guy tears the game a new asshole. Love it.

Shouldn’t be surprised since the Telegraph is more or less an actual newspaper and not a video game shilling platform.”

“That’s exactly it, when your entire business is reliant on having day 1 reviews and profiting off ad revenue, publishers can hold your entire companies future hostage by refusing early copies if games aren’t reviewed well.

Meanwhile, publications like this where they just buy games on launch like a normal consumer and have no ties at all the publishers they can rip that shit apart with impunity.”

“Exactly. The review made by the Telegraph is one of the best reviews out there (sneaky bastards though ouch). None of the pandering to the egotistical manchildren of gaming, no being bullied by the industry because they might not get a review copy. Just the fucking truth and that is how it always should be. I wish the Telegraph always did gaming reviews, I’d be a subscriber immediately.”

“If they started doing shit like that then they will too fall in the shithole that is gaming “journalism”.
Look at forbes”

“>totalbiscuit’s ‘review’

What a fucking hack. Come on, man. You’re better than that.”

“What did he say?”

“He had to release a damage control video because he was being called a shill. Yeah, it’s that bad.”

“>I really hate to see people crapping over what likely over 100 people have poured all their efforts in to for years because of nit pickings

Boo fucking hoo.”

“How is it that AI has gotten WORSE over the years? Is it because games like Oblivion and Skyrim are huge releases, so other companies think it’s okay?”

“Didn’t Eidos spout some bullshit about how the AI was TOO GOOD, so they had to dumb it down?”

“This is bullshit talk for layman. You could make AI see through walls and it wouldn’t be “too good”, it would be broken. You could make protagonist’s steps too loud and guards hearing too good, but that would be an unblanced game. You could make reasonable AI that picks up on traces of a breach, and reacts in a sensible manner, but design the levels and your set of abilities in a way, that leaves you no options to deal with it. Or you could make a challenging game and dumb it down for babies. There is no “too good” for AI.”

“You now realize most games don’t have dedicated writers. The producer or designers just toss shit in and hope it qualifies as a plot and dialogue.”

“Actually, thats how they did it way before.
the Designer or producer would do the writing to supplement the gameplay.

Now we have dedicated writers that do the story and the designers build the game around it, thats why they feel linear.”

“I’m 18. Let me guess, you’re some loser in your mid 20s who still browses /v/ while everyone else moved on to lead successful lives?”
“Careful. It could be you very soon.”
“>It could
no no anon,
>It will”

“>caring about what other people think
Have fun being 14.”

“>teen girls think my tired face and 5 o’clock shadow is hot or something
>constant flirting
>girl who graduated last year gave me her number the last day of classes and we were fucking all through the summer break, since she wasn’t a student anymore”
“Considering getting a teaching degree to to what >>233332328 did, any advice”
“I did it. I specifically chose math, because women are generally worse at math than English/History meaning they ask more questions or stay after school. I also chose 12th grade so I wouldn’t have to wait long.

Literally every year I get 1-2 girls. I outright refuse them if they’re my student sadly. I’ve had offers for blowjobs if they passed and shit like that.
Even girls with boyfriends and that gets me rock hard.

Too bad I’m nearing the end of my prime. Losing my looks and stamina.”


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