Feb 21

“After a few weeks I suddenly realised what it is that makes chemical engineers good at chemical engineering:

a burning need to prove oneself through chemical engineering.

It was there shining out of most of my colleagues (and coincidentally the history of the entire western world)….. they actually gave a shit. They cared about this stuff and were desperate to learn that little nugget more of information to be able to get the feeling of self satisfaction from knowledge-mogging a co-worker. My problem was this:

I simply didn’t give a shit anymore.

“What is one of your strengths?”
“I have a berserk button.”
“What is one of your weaknesses?”
“It’s a button, not a switch.”

“This is something masturbation cannot solve.”

“there’s 4 people total in your team?”
“how many people can be in a team before uselessness pops up?”
“we had a choice of 3 or 4”
“our idea was that if it was 3, thered be enough pressure to keep everyone working
this is clearly an incorrect conclusion.”

“I guess I’m not too different from most men throughout history.”
“You know what also was common for most men throughout history? FAILURE.”

“If progress is made by simply redefining all history before that point in time to mean nothing, then making progress is very easy.”


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