Feb 18

“Why does every game end up being a disappointment?”
“most games that got by through the niches they filled have changed to appeal to casuals because of greed. Now the niches are no longer filled, the old dedicated players are playing the old games, and the casuals are still casuals who will quit the game in a month or play only a few minutes a week. This kills the dev.”

“You make my point for me. Lack of content. In any PvP fps or action game the amount of content doesn’t matter because the gameplay keeps you playing and nothing else. Look at counterstrike thousands of people can play dust 2 day in and day out.”

“See, the issue I have with K-Style backers is arrogance. Almost every single one seems to think K-Style was this almighty mechanic that everyone wanted. News flash: it wasn’t. Why do you think this is even an issue? BECAUSE A LOT OF PEOPLE DIDN’T LIKE IT.”

“I don’t even see why K-Style backers are even around. Go play a GunZ private server if you want it so bad. The developers are making THEIR game, not yours.”

“Let me put it this way. This game takes out skill as a factor. I will give you a hint. The most popular fps games of all time have all had very high skil ceilings.”

“It took a large amount of time to get anywhere near decent with it. It destroyed the experience for people who just wanted to relax and play the game like it was intended.”

“It took time to learn a skill? Man old people must feel like idiots spending decades to master their profession.”

“>They seriously didn’t expect there to be over 4000 people on the launch day
I don’t know whether to be mad or to feel sorry for their pessimism.”

“If you dont like the new game then don’t play it.”
“Sorry but I prefer to actually bring up a games faults.”

“I wear a gun the same reason I wear a seatbelt. I don’t plan on being in a car accident either, and if I KNEW I was going to be in one, then I’d simply not be there.

Find anyone that’s ever been mugged, beaten, robbed, assaulted, raped, stabbed, etc and ask them.

You carry “just in case”… NOT because you’re expecting trouble. If I was expecting trouble, I’d just avoid going out and wouldn’t need it.”

“To people saying the game needs to lower it’s skill requeriment in order to get a bigger player base: There are two types of gamers, casuals and hardcores. It’s obvious, really. There are a lot of people (generally casuals) who are going to disagree and say I’m wrong on it, but it’s a fact.
Do you really think that lowering the entry level skill will be beneficial? Look at the MMO market at the moment. Basically games struggle to keep people playing over ONE MONTH after release. Some games die in BETA stage (and GunZ 2 apparently faces that risk). What kind of players you think are those who leave games after hitting the level cap with one character? Yeah, casuals.
Meanwhile, hardcore gamers support “their” game until it starts to suck. They spend much more money than casuals on it, and will actively try to convince their friends to play it and even try to teach them how to.”

“>”I wun make small games”
>firing everyone except yourself instead of leaving to make a new team like every normal person does”

“But this way he gets to keep his fuck-off huge salary. Such a great artist.”

“He fired his whole team, including himself, Irrational Games is no more. He will then create another studio, with a small team, to make the games he wants to make and not be repressed by big publishers. Sounds similar to another person?”

“It’s exactly the same publisher he’s been working for since Bioshock. So any claims that this new arrangement is freeing him is obviously false.
It’s basically just an easy way to get rid of all those pesky employees who were expecting to get paid. Now they can hire a fresh batch straight out of a “learn to make games” college course and pay them minimum wage.”

“The conversation is “raw” to say the least—almost everyone checks their filter at the door. The resulting dialogue is about as honest as it gets. In lieu of traditional barriers to membership, the community uses cryptic and crude language to regulate who can and cannot participate. On the surface this may seem offensive, but it’s often meant to do little more than keep newcomers on their toes and encourage they lurk and learn the house rules before participating.”


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