Feb 17

“The glitch exploitation that was intentionally not patched added a much higher skill ceiling to the game. Without that, people will get bored of the game much faster.
Learning and practicing the moves is what kept me playing for a long time.
Gunz 2 will be a flop.”

“>anytime GunZ is brought up
>discussion immediately turns into k-style discussion and why you’re a faggot if you use or don’t use it “

“But it really was the only thing to seperate it from every other game of its kind. I mean, i guess we could talk about that one time i made a pretty girl character?”

“Jesus christ the only thing that made players play gunz1 eight fucking years after it died was kstyle.

How can a developer be this dumb.”

“No no, MAIET said in an interview that they’ll keep k-style in to appease the hardcore fans that have kept the game alive all these years.
It’s just that the new k-style is basically a super casual version with only a tenth of the flexibility.”

“>press any key to continue
I even tried my car keys and nothing.”

“I thought about it for a bit. Most of the older games like Quake, The Ultimate Doom, Counter-Strike pre 1.6, etc, the movements were mostly a glitch. Quake 3, for example, bunny hopping and bridge-to-rail jumps. In quake players are pretty much required to constantly be bunny-hopping around the arena shooting other players at high speeds. I’m fairly certain that the bunny-hop speed was not intended in game code, only an oversight. However, the devs LOVED it and decided to leave it for many reasons. In the game Painkiller, as long as the user holds the W key and keeps on jumping, the player will always be moving forward towards the camera’s angle. A player could perform a complete 180 in an inch space if they spun around fast enough. The devs also noticed it, and left it. These were all ‘glitchs’ and oversights in the code. Modern games, however, hardcode everything. K-style, bunny hopping, and ultra high octane movements styles have no room in the modern market anymore. Quake 4 didn’t have any bunny hopping. Doom 3 didn’t have much of any movement styles. Painkiller kept it all the way through, since the devs thought it made the game when they released Painkiller: Hell and Damnation recently.

I’m sad to see K-style go away, but I’m glad to see the series is maturing with its sequel. At this point, if the devs wanted to reinsert K-style, they would have to code it in by hand. No more design oversights. They probably put in code to prevent K-style at this point.”

“To all the idiots saying good ridance to a glitch. The tribes series made its fame on a glitch. You might want to rethink your logic.”

“How can people seriously be bitching about K-Style in Gunz? Is it Trolling? Did you get owned by K-stylers on a daily basis and rage quit because you never had the dexterity or precision to master it yourself? Seriously it doesn’t make sense because Gunz’s only claim to fame is the k-style exploit, theres literally no reason to like it except for the k-style. 99% of the game base played K-style, from the top ranked players to the best clans. Its like complaining about the “autists” who bunny hop in quake, all the pros are doing it, get the fuck gud.”


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