Feb 16

“People don’t use weapons to fight, they use weapons to win. The absolute last thing any attacker wants to do is to fight you with equal weapons. If he was looking for a fight he wouldn’t have attacked you with a weapon in the first place. And if he knows you have a knife, he is going to attack you with a bigger and better weapon to keep you from winning.”

“The truth is, it is incredibly difficult to “corner” someone who is determined to leave. Basically because he will use your face as traction or squirt through the smallest of holes. However, if the person’s desire not to engage in physical violence is stronger than his desire to leave, it is very easy to corner someone. If you ask any experienced  LEO, corrections officer or mental ward orderly which they would rather face, a person who wants to fight them, or someone who will climb over them to escape, to a man they will tell you the former. They know the latter will hurt them more and be harder to defeat. That’s because that person is fully committed to a course of action. Whereas a person who has allowed themselves to be “cornered” will still be of a divided heart and therefore not able to fight at full capacity. And that is exactly what it will take in order to survive such a “no win” situation that they have put themselves into.”

“They weren’t knife fighters, those people were survivors. It’s what comes from living a hellishly hard life. While they had physical skill that helped them, what kept them alive, what allowed them to strike fast enough, hard enough and brutally enough wasn’t their art — it was the commitment not to die. It was that grim savagery to do whatever is necessary and to do it faster and harder than the other person that kept them alive. In the lexicon, they had “heart.”

Their art just allowed them to do that faster.”

“Every time I hear someone say this, I cringe. Because A) they have just told me that they have never dealt with someone intent on trying to kill them. B) Odds are that they are a bully and braggart. And C) If they are teaching people this nonsense they are going to get someone killed.”

“Drills teach principles. They teach ideas. They are the map, not the territory.”

“The biggest problem with wind is low energy density and the requirement for putting a generator on every single tower. The copper costs begin to become astronomical when talking about a 100-unit field with GE2.5XL turbines driving a 3 1/2 ton generator that’s about 30% copper windings.

Distributed solar thermal schemes suffer the same scaling problems due to expensive materials, but heliostat-driven solar thermal towers (like Ivanpah) suffer scaling cost problems due to construction and maintenance complexity. Solar PV is simultaneously inefficient, expensive and ecologically dubious.

Nuclear, while it avoids most of these problems, still has unavoidably serious long-term problems associate with waste which, until addressed, make nuclear power an inevitably dangerous proposition. If that problem is solved, nuclear is basically the cheapest and cleanest source of power currently in operation.

Coal, despite it’s dirtiness, is cheap and fairly efficient and has no long-term residual waste to dispose of.”

“Do any of you know where I can find more of [name]’s work?”
“If you get in a car and accelerate to 122mph and then jump out into the road you’ll find more of his work.”

“why is everyone jacking off over “frozen””
“Because animators can take the things that make girls attractive and amplify them.”
“But that’s been around for some years already

It’s called K-ON! / KyoAni.”
“Precisely. Now it’s more mainstream, so that guys who just have a crush on the characters can admit to liking it because “it’s good”, as opposed to making the more difficult lie that they like K-ON!/KyoAni because it’s good.”


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