Feb 15

“We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.”

“The matchmaking system is designed to determine what games your tank belongs in. Of course, this is what it’s designed to do, and like many other things in the game that are designed to do certain things, it doesn’t work.”

“Are you an individual? Of course you are! Why else would you be playing a mainstream game played by thousands of other like-minded idiots? For those who want to add a little individual flair to their tanks, the game offers a total of 10 boring camo skins to chose from. It’s a great way to waste your money and to get attention from all the prepubescent boys playing the game.”

“After all the praise that my Monarchy post got, I started to suspect that people hadn’t really got the point. And while I am quite proud of it as a piece of storytelling, I wasn’t praising monarchy as a system or anything like that. My suspicion was confirmed when Habsburgian transhumanist monarchist Michael Anissimov linked to the post in Twitter. Well if he liked it I’m sure I didn’t make my point clear.

“The pinnacle of “eSports” today is League of Legends, which is pathetic not only because it’s so buggy it makes the broken mechanics look tame, but because the company who maintains it is more clueless than you when it comes to orthogame design, and that’s saying a lot considering you kept Shadow Form in the game for 3 whole years. Right now the biggest “competitive” game on the market is a game where you’re actually encouraged to cheat as much as possible and use as many bugs as possible to win without any fear of punishment. It’s like Guild Wars where every player is White Wasabi or a member of Rebel Rising. It’s quite possibly the worst major game title ever made, and it has a very active pvp community in addition to an even larger casual community. The thought that League beat out Brood War, CSS, and Street Fighter makes me physically sick. And you know what? You’re to blame.

Guild Wars came within a micron of being an eSport – the first true MOBA eSport. Until GW1 hit shelves, only fighting games, FPS, and RTS were televised. GW brought a new genre to the competitive gaming community that was exciting. It gave us guilds like EviL and War Machine. It created tombs legends like Power of my Rangers and The Zaishen (shameless plug detected). It spawned the GWFC. And then you let it fall apart. To this day, there has never been a pvp game that has come remotely close to how good the pvp in Guild Wars was (before Nightfall). Guild Wars could be the big thing gamers talk about today had you paid one ounce of attention to what the pvp community needed.”

Traditional quest systems involve walking up to a character who usually has an exclamation point or question mark hovering over their head and talking to them. From here, you get a massive wall of text hardly anyone reads that describes a horrible or totally mundane thing going on in the world that you need to help with. You run off, complete this task, then return and talk to this character again to receive another wall of text and a reward. Traditional quest systems rely on these blocks of quest text to tell you what is happening in the world; this is just an outdated form of storytelling.

Obviously no one at Anet has ever played NWN, Bauldur’s Gate, Dragon Age or Diablo 2. These games use voice acting to tell the story. And NWN and Diablo happen to be over 10 years old.

Secondly, thank you for addressing the fact that your player base doesn’t read–however, this relates to more than just the poor text in your game, they also don’t read their skill bars.

Anyway, its not that there are walls of text…its the terrible presentation of text in GW that keeps players from not reading it. In NWN I read the dialogue because its well written and interactive, where as GW1’s had no interaction between characters. Each response I picked opened up different branches of dialogue or different reactions from the NPCs. Dragon Age is similar, but the dialogue is spoken. This idea isn’t new and based on the lack of story in GW1 I know your attempts at this will be hilarious.

When a game is story driven, text walls aren’t usually an issue, especially when they are well presented. The fact that I still have no idea what the GW story is after 5 years should tell you something. My favorite books are literature from the 1600’s-1920’s–I’ve read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” and Samuel Richardson’s “Clarissa” more than once, so blocks of text don’t bother me, I assure you. Its the fact that your story was mediocre, that was the problem. The Vizier was the Lich? No way. Plus, I don’t even know WTF he was doing hanging around with us anyway. Your cinematics failed to tell the story in a way that caught my attention. Randomly we end up back at Droknar’s Forge? No ending? Ok. Factions…wtf was the story there? Shiro comes back from the dead and wants to give up his super powers to become human and kill-able? Ummm…”

“The story in GW2 is terrible, and so are the characters. Game Design 101: You put your best storytelling and character development at the beginning of your game to draw players into the world. This does not happen in GW2. When the game starts, you have a random cutscene that has nothing to do with anything, followed by a “save the village” mission for which there is no reason or story connection (on human anyway, but I imagine the other races have a similar starting mission). By the time I got to level 10, none of the NPCs I’d met are interesting or memorable. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you their names. The only one I remember is Whatshisname Thackaray, but only because his great grandpa was in GW1 and I accidentally played Grind of the North too much. If I was new to the GW universe, I wouldn’t know or care who he is either.

For players already familiar with the GW universe, you offer no story content early in the game linking the events of GW1 to the second game. Hell, even Mortal Kombat gives you the story of their games on the “insert coins” screen. Why is the game called Guild Wars 2 if there are no guild wars going on? I know the name was chosen for marketing value, but the game would more appropriately be named “PvE Wars with Jumping”, or “Random Characters Telling a Boring Story”, or to be more serious, “Dragons in Tyria”. I would make more characters on other races like Charr, but I feel like I would be playing through the same missions as human, only in an old Ascalon backdrop. Where’s Lion’s Arch (or more specifically, why did Lion’s Arch disappear and get rebuilt in a place where the natives knew it would sink)? Why can’t you visit any of the cool places from GW1? Elona’s gone. Cantha’s gone. The Crystal Desert and Ring of Fire are gone. The Maguuma Jungle is gone. The only places that make a return are Rata Sum and Lion’s Arch 2. Why is the pvp area called “the mists” when it’s not actually in the mists? Where did the Hall of Heroes go? What happened to Odran? Another good title for this game would be “Plot Holes Galore”.”

“If you’re too incompetent to balance individual skills, that’s fine (actually it isn’t), because you have a community of dedicated players to help you, even though they shouldn’t. However, to be so incompetent at skill balance that you try to avoid it completely by making a “new” game where every possible build players can run has been predetermined, and STILL not having it be balanced, that’s just pathetic.”

“WARNING: This page may contain material that might be offensive to some people. If you are easily offended by strong language, sexual references, or the thought of people failing, DO NOT READ THIS PAGE!”

“Instead of doing what they wanted to do, they gave us busy work. Many of your players are in high school or college. Their teachers already give them busy work. They don’t play a game to do homework. They play a game to have fun. I have often been so bored with GW that I have logged off and sat down and stared at a wall. I have done that. Other people I know have done that. That’s how boring your game is. The only thing remotely interesting about the game is pvp, and thanks to ineptitude and stupidity, that’s not fun either.”

The PVE plot is always the same: you start off as a noob, grind and help people, see shit happening, fail to solve the problem, fight demons and douchebags, and end losing to an Anonymous wannabe. Unfortunately, GW plotlines are still fucking Lord of the Rings compared to just about every other MMO on the market (including LotR Online). This isn’t a good thing.”

“This is why NCSoft don’t publish their rules, because if you knew what would get you banned naughty people would be forced to avoid doing things that were against the rules. And that’s totally not the point of rules.”


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