Feb 14

“It occurred to me just now that at least in America, you are required to profess passionate intellectual interest in whatever job you are applying for, and at the same time, no one is fooling anyone because everyone goes home and thinks their job sucks. And yet people do it anyways.

Like a ponzi scheme, except with hope rather than dollars. Which actually explains quite well why Obama got elected.

Kinda like going to college. Or accepting gays. Or really anything and everything it seems, even though this is the supposedly land of individualism. But that fits in too to the bipolar theme.”

“Between intellectual heat death and intellectual cold death, I choose cold.”

“Sorry, but this strikes me as a misleading and sensationalist headline.

He didn’t rampage into a full police station and start wailing the shit out of every cop in sight, as implied. He broke into City hall, which HAPPENS to be the same BUILDING where the police station is. He then resisted arrest after being found hiding under a desk, kicking a cop in the chest, who says, “it’s sore, but I’ll get over it”

If you want to be taken seriously as an alternative news source, stop acting like the mass media machine with bullshit headlines.”

“I think that there needs to be a bit of sensationalism in headlines in order to reach more people. I personally wouldn’t click on a link that said, “Window Broken at City Hall, Man Hides Behind a Desk”

That headline is not thought provoking. What is thought provoking though, is whether or not this guy acted out of malice towards the cops. That we do not know. This story doesn’t pretend to know either. Just raises the question. It got me thinking…”

“Cancer Research UK systematically excludes men from it’s races and specifically states that men will be thrown out of the events on its website:

“1. Race for Life 5k & 10k and Race for Life Pretty Muddy are women-only events. Cancer Research UK has the right to ask male participants to withdraw from these events.””

“”Two years ago, we seriously investigated the possibility of including men in Race for Life. However, our research shows that a significant number of our Race for Life supporters would strongly prefer to keep it a female-only event as it is a unique opportunity for women to come together in a non-competitive environment within an atmosphere of ‘sisterhood’.”

Lol, so they admit women are not that competitive and then complain about the wage gap..”

“Some people have actually considered the success of Flappy Bird to be good for the mobile games development scene. I would argue the exact opposite. If I was a developer, I would be looking at Flappy Bird and I would just be saying, “Why the hell do I even bother?” because this is a person that did not try, he developed a game in a few days – I’m not blaming him for that because a lot of students and a lot of random indie devs cut their teeth on mobile development; they upload basic clones and things like that, thats very very common indeed. It’s not his fault that it got successful. But if I was a developer and I was looking at that, “This guy made 50,000 [per] day from a crappy helicopter clone, and the consumers are dumb enough to actually buy into it?” then I would just give up on development entirely.

It’s actually quite a similar situation to people trying to start off on Youtube and create good quality content, and then seeing the most popular content is absolute tosh. It’s like “Top 100 Vine Compilation”, or some screechy Let’s Play, or some ridiculous cat video, “That’s apparently how you make money on Youtube, not by making quality content”. And it’s incredibly discouraging and think about it. That is what the latest generation is growing up on. Those are the games that they’re experiencing. They’re playing Flappy Bird and Farmville and Simpsons: Tapped Out and Dungeon Keeper, instead of playing actual real games that have some sort of merit to them.

The risk is that that could have a very long term impact on things. The current games industry is very successful, but over time it could start to degrade because the people that grew up with Flappy Bird and Simpsons: Tapped Out expect more experiences like that, which are bare minimum in terms of effort required or time requirements or anything along those lines, they become okay with that form of monetization, and more and more companies shift away from making extremely expensive triple A games, or indeed, good games in general, towards making absolute tat for a mobile device because it’s a bigger audience, it’s easier to do, it costs less money, and apparently, you can make more from it. And that’s what i’m worried about. I’m not worried about a video game crash in 2014, I’m not worried about the impact of Dungeon Keeper and Flappy Bird and nonsense like that right now, I’m worried about its impact 20 years down the line, when the people who grew up with games like Mario and Zelda and Master of Orion and Dune 2 become that much older generation, and the up and coming generation are the guys that are driving the market as opposed to the 50-somethings who are worried about other thigns or perhaps don’t have time to game anymore. That is a very worrying prospect for videogames I’ve got to say.”


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