Feb 13

“But you want to know if you can trust her? I see her spirit. It was born good, and needs work to keep it that way. Much like yours.”

“Why does the concept of “individual” immediately default to “the single person”? Nothing in the word indicates this. The only thing it means is that “this is the fundamental unit; you cannot divide beyond this point”. Anyone who’s studied anatomy or biology at all knows that a human being certainly can be seen as dividable, so it’s not like it’s that either. It’d have to be cultural belief. If bees could talk, they probably would say that “individual” refers to per hive, because dividing beyond that is largely nonsense. From my point of view, the “individual” is the family.”

“If you use the argument “I’m not like normal people” then it’s like I need to treat you as special or handicapped or something.”
“It’s not “I’m not like normal people”, it’s more like “I’m not like normal people“, “normal people” referring to whatever group you’re attempting to compare me against. I mean we clearly understand each other’s positions, so it’s not like you don’t know what I’m talking about. What response would be fine then? “I don’t believe normal people do this”?”
“That’s about the same thing.”
“How about “I disagree with normal people”, then?”
“That’s fine.”
“That’s retarded.”


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