Feb 4

“let your children think for themselves.

unless they start disliking blacks, gays, feminists, environmentalists, democrats, or academia, in which case, don’t.”

“Copper production shows three peaks: The Roman Empire in the west, the Song Dynasty, and modernity.

The Roman Empire in the west and the Song Dynasty had about seven times the preceding and following level of copper production, thus while those civilizations were going concerns, they had far more production and wealth than the rest of the world put together.

When the Roman Empire in the West fell, its GDP dropped about a hundred fold.

So, looking at the past few thousand years, the norm has been relatively brief periods of civilization in relatively small parts of the world.

“So the progs are out to infiltrate the Dark Enlightenment […b]ut the thing is this gestalt that we call neoreaction doesn’t stand for anything in particular. That’s not what this is about. Neoreaction is not an advocacy movement, it’s an analysis movement. What draw us together is our willingness to see reality for what it is, and to see how exactly did civilization decay to the point that it has.

That’s why we have techno-futuristic anti-nationalist exiles together with open admirers of Hitler, staunch Christian conservatives with 6 children with poolside nihilists who pump and dump our sisters and daughters for pleasure. Yes we’re all in it and we get along mightily well. Why? Because we (mostly) agree in (most parts of) reality.”

“Now my first instinct is say: well stop paying the damn pensions. Especially when right now 60% of the assets in the country are owned by old people (at present 20% of the population). The average savings for an elderly household today in Japan is over 30 million yen. Yes I know they paid their money to the pension fund but they don’t really need the money. And while it’s grossly unfair to deny them a pension which was promised to them because the government spent it in pork for their cronies, surely it’s more unfair to tax the dwindling young generation back to the stone age. All to raise funds to pay for the n eye surgery for 85 year old grandma.”

“Any reasonable calculation to get Japanese (or any industrialized country in a few years) population growing again would need the average married couple to have 4 children. It’s not going to happen. Not even Mormons do that. And yes I know the optimistic evolutionary theory that people who like babies will inherit the earth. I’m sure they will given a 500 year timeframe, and that’s assuming the heritability of “liking babies” is very high. But mid term we’re going to hell before we solve this.”

“People on my Twitter feed yesterday were saying the tip has been heavily distorted by the media, and nothing about this guy resembling an otaku was actually in the original statement.
The original quote involved him buying four volumes of manga in an attempt to please the girl. Nobody said how the reporter knew that, but I’m guessing he was dumb enough to chat with the taxi driver about buying manga to cheer a kid up, and the driver thought that was suspicious.”

“This is looking more and more like the Gosroth.”
“So, we have to win this one.”
“You truly lack common sense. There are no battles we fight that we don’t have to win.”

“People like to jack off over their own intelligence. I jack off and have no qualms either way about my intelligence.”


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