Jan 25

“The book explores the nature of Judaism, arguing, convincingly to me anyway, that is not, in essence, a religion. It is, rather, a genetic lineage, and is perceived as such by Jews, in effect a eugenic experiment. The religious cloak it has donned in the modern age is simply a disguise designed to make it seem more palatable to post-Enlightenment goy. Proof of this is that there has almost never been any proselytism within Judaism, for example, that is there has never been any attempt to convert non-Jews to the “religion”. And those who have converted of their own accord have often met with hostility and ostracism. This is exactly what you would expect if Judaism was primarily about genetic purity rather than mystical truth.”

“You could have pirated every single piece of media you’ve digested since 1994 and it wouldn’t justify the ludicrous penalties they throw out. Hell, assuming you were listening to a song, watching a movie and reading a book at the same time 24/7 and averaging 12 movies a day, 450 songs a day and 5 books a week since 1994 that’s around 89,000 movies, 3.2 million songs and 5,000 books, at $20/movie, $1/song and $25/book that’s still only $5.1 million. The RIAA/MPAA has exploited copyright law and gamed the courts into hitting people with ten million in fines for downloading a handful of movies or songs. It would seem impossible to download and watch *that much* monies’ worth of media, but for some reason the government is trying to convince people that downloading one song or movie causes 600 bajillion dollars worth of damages to Sony/BMG or Universal Studios.

Again, I’m pretty sure it basically boils down to civil asset forfeiture. They’re gonna find a way to take everything they can.”

“Please stop telling me things I already know. If you carry on like this, I’m going to die of boredom.”


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