Jan 22

“To ask someone for their genes is the ultimate way to express your love for that person. And children born as a result of this…”
“I get it! “Daughter of love”, right?”
“Right. Or if it’s a boy, then “son of love”.”

“One can keep one’s dignity to oneself. There’s no need to go around telling everyone.”

“Are you sure you two aren’t in love? There aren’t many who call Her Highness by name.”
“Let’s just say it was a feat achieved through sheer ignorance and good luck.”

“We’re not trained for this, so we can’t waste time!”

“Is this a conditional offer?”
“Anything wrong with that?”

“I might have to kill your son after all.”
“Guess it can’t be helped.”
“But I thought this shuttle was unarmed.”
“Yes, it’s unarmed.”
‘Then, where do you get your confidence from?”
“*laughs* This is typical of how the Abh think. It’s not as if Her Highness believes she can definitely win. There’s no sense thinking about what we’d do after we’re killed. She’s just warning me in the event that we were to win.”
“Then, what did you think, Jinto?”
“His Excellency thought that you disregarded the possibility that this ship may be destroyed.”
“Do you take me for a fool? Our chances of winning this battle are less than 10%. Of course I know that.”
“But you still choose to fight?”
“What other choice do we have?”

“I wouldn’t want to be killed by uninteresting people.”


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