Jan 20

“The act of playing can spark striking insights in the player. There is a big difference between merely watching a game and playing it yourself. Those observing from a distance are more calm and collected than the players, but they do not see the full depths of the game. Only the players themselves see the deepest reaches of the firmament on the board.

And only when you play an opponent directly can you perceive their full strength.”

“Listen, Sakamaki. Did you know that you need two to play Go?”
“Of course. That’s obvious.”
“Ah, but you don’t understand. You can’t play Go alone. You need two people. One genius alone isn’t enough for a truly great game. You need two people who are equally gifted. Two people.”

“Some people say to make it in the Go world you have to discover your talent early on. But I am constantly reminded that people don’t blossom according to some organizational timetable.”

“It’s my intuition. The final element in any decision is intuition.”

“Kid, there are two types of people. Those with discerning eyes… and fools who can’t see what’s in front of them.”


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