Jan 16

“Why is it so difficult for girls to understand computers? The vast majority of computer illiterate people that I have met (I met a lot, I was a helpdesk monkey), have been female. What is it with women and computers, they just have no idea what the hell they’re doing?

Their brains or something must not function well with it, that’s the only explanation.”

“they’re like old people, they would be perfectly able to learn it, but they just keep telling themselves it’s more complicated than it is”

“Why would they need to when they could easily just get beta nerds to do the work for them?”

“The safest would be to wait until the baby comes out before you cut him open. No risk to the mother AND you can hire just any thug, he does not have to have gone to medical school so its a lot more affordable.

Of coarse, the problem is you would have to see it and so it would become obvious what a terrible person you are.
OK, so go into the other room while the hit man is working on your kid.”


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