Jan 13

“People with high pride can’t forgive themselves.”

“You’re hopeless both offensively and defensively. Which means, you shouldn’t do either.”

“Even after being released from the hospital, Masaki’s life did not change. As usual, he would immerse himself in the streets of the night with violence. Occasionally, he would take large amounts of drugs. He was sent back to the hospital almost daily…

He had become a bad person.

Masaki had lost his energy from earlier. Energy… For a person with such potential, the scariest thing is to lose his own energy. Great sadness and rage is a vector of defeat, but occasionally, it can become great power.

The scariest thing is an empty heart…


“How much longer will I be able to see him like this? Soon we’ll graduate… And I’ll forget… […]

I want to know… I don’t want to know. But if I don’t get over this, those eyes won’t be looking at me again.”

“She said she liked me
with those honest eyes.
Why would she? What part of me could be—
I thought that
if it were something I was able to know,
I will
stop hating myself
someday, say these words
to you.”

“I will not forgive those that sully the holyland.
Know that the punishment for doing so is heavy.
Know this.
You will know this.”

“He moved into a stance? No, don’t worry about it. Either way,  I have to go forward. I have to move in! […]

I need to be prepared too, or else I won’t be able to beat him. Even if I break something – I need to be prepared to strike back!”


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