Jan 11

“Entertainment: Essentially an ersatz for the stuff that matters in your life. Used to be that entertainment bolstered your life (lads reading the works of Homer for example), but now bes a junkyard for all that yous can see and do ken. Cut down/completely avoid pornography as it fools your brain into thinking you’re getting laid. Cut down on videogames/tv shows/films, fine in short amounts. Fools your brain into thinking you’ve achieved something/living vicariously through someone whose life is much better than yours.”

“The person I love loves me. Mutually loving each other is really a happy thing.
But reality isn’t that simple. Reality isn’t some young romance comedy story.
When I was younger, I said that I was going to make my happiness with my own hands.

But can I compare my happiness and my friends’ happiness?

I offer my own life. There is someone I’m going to find for myself.
I haven’t found that thing.
I’m a huge idiot. I continue to seek out love deep inside of my heart. I jump into that ravine and wounded myself many times.

In the end, I started to believe that it was fate for me not to find that happiness.”

“Politics are driven by parents who don’t want to assume any responsibility: “think of the children”, but don’t do anything except try to find convenient scapegoats.”

“If both styles are offensive, what sets one apart from the other?”

“My heart was broken at that time. I didn’t want anyone near me ever again.
Since then, my world was completely changed.
I was all alone.

At Christmas, I eat a bento box and cake from the convenience store by myself. On New Years’, I’m in front of my computer, playing against the boss that was circulated in the newest update. On Valentine’s, I didn’t have a goal of wanting anything sent to me.
Right now, I’m alone. I have no friends. I have no family.
When I didn’t notice it, I became 29 years old.

But humans will always be like that.
They don’t want anyone next to them, but deep down, they wish to be seen and praised by someone.”

“There is no pace setting in fighting!

On the streets, where the unexpected can happen at any time, going all out until the end is the basic strategy. One would almost never choose to gradually add damage to the opponent while guarding.
However, due to rules and restraints in sports, it is difficult to finish off the opponent in one go. Thus, one usually paces himself according to a set amount of time. On top of that, boxing involves far more aerobics in its techniques and training.

Gradually adding damage to cause a knockout,

That’s boxing.”

“I believe there is a reason.”
“A reason the victims were killed?”
“No, the reason the culprit is killing.”
“I thought the he was just doing it to vent frustration. There are times when people get angry for no reason and take it out on others.”
“Assuming that is true, that would mean the culprit becomes angry for no reason, chooses his victims randomly, and then commits these acts over and over again. But that would impose great mental stress on the culprit.”
“So you think there’s a motive.”
“Most likely, there is something that causes the culprit to be unaffected by the stress of murder.”
“Then the culprit is mentally unstable.”
“Even if he is mentally unstable, he still has rules. There is no such thing as complete irrationality.”


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