Jan 8

“I speak of this to build within you that confidence that all is well once you arrive at your destination; your real concern is making the journey.”

“>no matter how far I come I always get reminded of how little I know
It’s just constant demotivating until functionality/fluency/whateveryourgoalis, isn’t it?”

“I used to have this problem, but then I stopped thinking about the goals that I’m trying to reach and outlined a daily schedule that I would stick to.

I do exactly six hours of study every day, no exceptions unless I’m so sick that I’m physically incapable of getting out of bed. Once you just force yourself to do something and disregard all of your feelings like boredom or lack of motivation then eventually your mind submits to your will, it stops resisting, and it accepts that this daily block of studying that you’re doing is now just an unchangeable part of your routine.

You no longer need to feel motivated because you’re studying almost on auto-pilot. Once it becomes part of your daily routine then you don’t have to put forth any effort to start studying because you just start doing it instinctively and the idea of living any other way will feel strange to you.

Having goals will make you think of studying as an obstacle and you will direct all of your focus towards thinking about when this will finally be over. It’s better to accept that it will never be over and that this is your new way of life. Once you’ve accepted that then motivation becomes irrelevant.”

“>six hours of study every day

“He’s okay with only remembering a tenth of what he “studies”.”

“Did you only remember a tenth of the things that you learned in school? The average school day is about 7 hours.

Do you only remember a tenth of the things that you read on the internet, the anime you watch, or in the games that you play? Almost everything in life is some form of studying. We’re constantly being fed new information, whether it’s just random information about the lore of a video game or new vocabulary for Japanese. There’s no real difference aside from how you perceive one act as entertainment and the other as study, it’s all still just new data to remember.”

“I’m actually surprised there’s no children’s anime to teach kids stuff. By this I mean like…anime versions of Blues Clues or Dora.”
“i’m not, the reason WE have those is because were all complete retards.”

“How did the Japanese kill 300,000 Chinese in Nanjing, a city of only 200,000?

Why was the population of Nanjing immediately after the Japanese left more than the population of Nanjing immediately before the Japanese arrived?”

“A man may say anything he pleases, but he cannot think or do anything he pleases. He may say he saw a round square, but he cannot think he saw a round square. He may say, if he likes, that he saw a horse riding astride its own back, but we shall know what to think of him if he says it.”


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