Jan 6

“in general, dramas or plot-driven stories are significantly easier to learn from than romance or character-driven stories (since they use more abstract words), and vastly easier to learn from than comedy (which requires instant comprehension to be funny)”
KS: character-driven stories use more abstract words?
KS: is this a japanese thing? english seems to be more complicated in plot driven stories
AT: no, this is stuff that’s true in all languages
KS: did i just not notice it…
AT: sentence structure is more complex in plot-driven stories, but that actually makes it easier to follow
KS: ooooh
AT: emotional and character-driven stuff is more likely to use ambiguous, vague, shorter phrasing that only makes sense in a precise context and with flawless comprehension on the reader’s part
AT: DeathNote is a great first manga for instance; the logic the characters use is complicated but the sentences themselves are always very straightforward, even if a bit long
AT: but try to read a shoujo manga at a low level and it’ll just be gibberish

>flirty personality
>fap folder
>probably super kinky
Why would you hate her.”
“No fucking character.”
“Embrace her for what she is.”
“A fap character?”
“A superb fap characater.”
“But why couldn’t she be a good character and a fap character? Seems lazy.”

“So suppose we’re grouped up with two unmotivated other people.”
“That’d be great. That would be almost ideal at this point. You know what unmotivated people do?”
“Follow orders?”
“Exactly. What we really don’t want is not unmotivated people, it’s people who are motivated to do the projects we don’t want to do.”


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