Jan 4

“Please, even if it’s only for a short while, please cooperate with me. I wanted to live a different life from other people.

This evening, the ball is in my court.”

“Well, but, they’re in a completely different world from us normal people… so you probably shouldn’t get too involved…”
“Ryugamine, what do you think real abnormality is in this world of ours? It’s having nothing happen. It’s when nothing happens over and over, day in and day out. It’s having nothing change.”

“The past will be only too happy to chase you in absolute, complete and total earnest. Do you know why? Because it’s lonely. The past and memories get lonely easily.

I dont believe in God, because he doesn’t have a fixed form. But the past certainly does exist, even in a world where the future doesn’t have a fixed form. Even if it’s been colored by misunderstandings and delusions, a person’s past can’t be anything but the truth as long as he believes in it. If that’s what you base your actions or your way of life on, isn’t that like being a deity?

You can’t run from her anymore. Your feelings of guilt towards her will become your past, and she’ll become a deity to you.”

“You went back?”

“I’m here, so I have.”

LX: Yes, what you’re saying is basically what I was saying
LX: the way you achieve a win is different
KS: if you want to simplify all of that down to “the way you achieve a win is different” and assume everyone can read your mind like that
KS: theres nothing i can say
LX: Okay think of it like this
LX: If you die 10 times in a league game
LX: Then you die 10 times in a FPS game
LX: The deaths may have taken longer
LX: Or less
LX: Or whatever
LX: The fact of the matter is, unless you were getting carried
LX: You lost both of those games
KS: and?
KS: the winning or losing part isn’t the most important
KS: it’s not like im disagreeing that “a loss is a loss”
KS: so what?
KS: a loser who wants to win next time is not a loser who doesn’t want to play anymore.

“Concentrate on your family and getting rich […] don’t forget that those who don’t make money never become philanthropists.”


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